An area of 621 square meters on Al-Bahriya Street, next to the Customs Club

اسم الميناء الاسكندرية التصنيف ساحة المنطقة الثانية المساحة مساحة621 م 2 الوصف 1- مساحة 621 م2 في شارع البحرية بجوار نادي الجمارك . [/table-wrap]  

January J, 2024 Port News
An investment opportunity in Alexandria Port (supply building - workshop building - warehouse)

The Authority announces the offering of the following investment opportunities: 1 - The Supply Building in the Fourth District of Alexandria Port. The total area of the building is 1200 m2. The number of 2 floors is 600 m2/floor. Description and permitted activities: - Administrative headquarters for a company or bank - Storage of goods. – The possibility of exploiting one of the floors 2- The Egyptian Company’s workshop and warehouse building, total area 2100 m2, number (2) floors, description and permitted activities: – storing goods. - Divided....

January J, 2024 Port News
Alexandria Port Authority handles 2570 TEUs within 24 hours

The movement of handling and navigation in the General Authority of Alexandria Port was organized during the past 24 hours, where 36 ships entered and exited in 24 hours to the berths of Alexandria and Dekheila ports, and work is currently underway to stevedore 40 ships, most notably container ships and dry and liquid bulk, as 2570 TEUs were handled within 24 hours in a remarkable convergence between the number of importing and exporting containers, as the percentage of exported container constituted 43.6% of the total number of containers.

January J, 2024 Port News
The Minister of Transport Announces That The Tahya Misr Terminal In Alexandria Port will Receive The Giant Container Ship NEVADA CMA

The Minister: The ship is the largest container ship received in the port of Alexandria, with a capacity of 140 thousand tons, with a capacity of 12,900 equivalent containers T.E.U.

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