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El-Dekheila Location Map

Location Map
Longitude East (29° 52′ 34.5252″)
Latitude North (31° 11′ 36.9492″)
ISPS Code 17350 code
Zone Timing GMT +2
Channel Code Channel 9, 11, 13, 16
Natural Features
Weather Wind direction north west with velocity in summer 2-3 on beaufort scale and 3-4 in winter
Humidity 1.30
Raining Seaon Winter
Tide rate 0.46 m over the standard level
Port Geoghraphical location
Dekheila port is a natural extension to Alexandria Port; constructions started in 1980 and the port operated partially in 1986 by operation of minerals berth. El-Dekheila port takes the place of the former Dekheila airport westward Alexandria port with 7 km. from sea and 10 km. from land View the map of Egypt.Click here

Information about EL-dekhela Port

Statment El Dekhaila Port
Water Surface Area 624 acres
Land Surface Area 940 acres
Total Area 1564 acres
Berths Number 17
Berths Length (m) 4400 meters
Depths (m) 6:20 meters
Terminals Number 5 includes (2 container stations - 1 dry pour - 1 liquid pour - 1 dirty pour)
maximum draft for ships 18 meters
Ship types container ships- Clean bulk cargo ships- Unclean bulk cargo ships multi cargo ships- Roll-on (Ro-Ro) ships-
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