Information about Alexandria Port
Statment Alexandria Port
Water Surface Area 1581 acres
Land Surface Area 618 acres
Total Area 1729 acres
Berths Number 55
Berths Length (m) 14350 m
Depths (m) 5.5 meters: 17.5 meters
Terminals Number 6 includes (2 container terminals - multi-purpose terminal - passenger terminal - dry bulk - El Gouna Petroleum
maximum draft for ships 16 meters
Ship types Container ships
General cargo ships
Unclean bulk cargo ships
Multiple cargo ships
(Ro-Ro) ships
Cruise ships
Liquid bulk vessels
Alexandria Navigational Features
Navigational Pathways Details
The Great Bugaz is 2000 meters long, 220 meters wide, and 19.6 meters deep.
Little straight with 1600 m length , 100 m width & 9 m depth.
Approach area
The port is protected by sea stuns, and two converging breakwaters. The entrance breadth is 400m. Approximately. The port is divided into two harbor separated by coal berths and the inner breakwater. The first harbor is called the inner dock and the second harbour is called the outer harbor with a water area of 600 hectares. The first harbour is used for handling general cargo while the second harbor is used for oil and bulk cargo traffic. Pilotage is compulsory for vessels arriving and departing the port. The approach area is 3 Nautical Miles distanced from Negma lighthouse.
Anchorage Restricted Area
The vessels were been recieved at the outer anchoring area until pilotage inside the port to be berthed on the specified berth at the inner anchorage area.
Pilotage Information
Pilotage is compulsory for all vessels at Alexandria port concerning external anchorage area, navigational pathways, inner anchorage area & movement between berths.
pilotage fees determined by law no. 24 for year 1983 & its amendments.
Pilots informations
Pilot Rank Number
Cheif Pilot 14
First Pilot 18
Second Pilot 16
Third Pilot 11
Tugging Information
Tugging is compulsory for all vessels with tonnage exceeding. 2000 tons
Tugs & launch data: Alexandria port contains about 68 marine. unit from tugs & launches

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