General Administration of the Training Center

About the General Administration of the Training Center

About the General Administration of the Training Center

The human cadre is the optimal investment for the development of countries

It, is one of the general administrations of the Alexandria Port Authority, which was established and worked in the field of training since 1985 and approved by the Central Agency for Organization and Administration as one of the training centers at the national level, as a first precedent at the level of Egyptian ports. Work is carried out inside the center in accordance with the quality standard (ISO 9001 for the year 2015), the standard for safety and environmental health (ISO 45001) and the environmental standard 14001. The center aims to prepare a generation capable of keeping pace with the rapid and successive changes in light of the technological and intellectual revolution and digital transformation, by relying on training policies based on analysis of the main future jobs working in the logistical field, especially seaports, and identifying the scientific and practical materials necessary to qualify to perform the work with the required efficiency and effectiveness. Within the framework of international standards and international frameworks and parameters, with the help of a group of the best university professors and accredited trainers in various fields. The center offers a distinguished set of practical training programs that are characterized by their ability to bridge the gap between theory and practical application using the latest practical training aids working in all fields (marine, logistics, environment, engineering and digital transformation).

The Alexandria Port General Authority Training Center offers a distinguished group of practical training for students of universities and government and private institutes in all fields (marine / logistics / engineering / legal / environmental / social / digital transformation and information technology / commercial and financial) as a contribution from the Alexandria Port Authority in providing a service Distinguished community, and while the Alexandria Port Training Center is pleased to receive your requests, we hope from God Almighty to provide the best distinguished training services in the oldest and most prestigious ports of the Mediterranean.

An ambitious training system that meets the needs, rehabilitation and development of human cadres to keep pace with the requirements of the times and globalization and according to the latest global developments in the field of maritime transport.
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One of the leading national training centers operating in the fields of theoretical and practical training, aiming to prepare a generation capable of keeping pace with the rapid and successive changes to qualify for the performance of work with the required efficiency and effectiveness, through the use of the best experts working in various fields, and the best practical techniques used in maritime transport.
Innovation, development and development We always strive to create a training environment in which trainers and trainees enjoy freedom of expression and constructive criticism that leads to continuous development and innovation / cooperation, teamwork and sharing of ideas and opinions with others / commitment, self-control and discipline in career behavior / enthusiasm and passion in the implementation of work / clarity Transparency in dealing with colleagues and trainees / Maintaining confidentiality of work and responsibility / Quality and job satisfaction / Appreciation, respect and tolerance. the
Gate 27 - Al-Qabbary - Alexandria Port Authority
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Alexandria Port Training Center is pleased to receive your requests through the following e-mail and numbers:: Phone: 034874718 Fax: 034874718 Email :  
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