Alexandria Maritime Port occupies the leading position in the ports of the Arab Republic of Egypt with regard to the volume of trade movement, through which about 60% of Egypt’s foreign trade is traded. Alexandria is located on the western edge of the Nile between the Mediterranean Sea and Lake Mariout. Alexandria is the second most important city in the Arab Republic of Egypt and its main port.

The geographical location of the port

Berths longitude Latitude
East of Alexandria 29° 52' 34.5252" East 31° 11' 36.9492" North

Alexandria is located at the western end of the Nile River Delta between the Mediterranean Sea and Lake Mariout.It is considered as the second city in the Arab Republic of Egypt and its main port. The second port in the western port is separated by a peninsula in the form of the letter T and the eastern port shallow is not used in navigation, while the western port actually constitutes what was termed the name of the port of Alexandria and the port limits the imaginary line between the two ends of the mother barriers Wag for outsiders.
Nature characteristics:
  1. Weather Wind Northwesterly ranging between 3-2 on Beaufort in summer and between 3-4-3 on Beaufort in winter
  2. The average water density is 1.30 g / cm3
  3. Winter rain season
  4. The amount of tide is 0.46 above the average mean

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