Unified Government Complaints System in the Council of Ministers

1 - Hotline (16528).
2 - My WhatsApp number (01555516528 - 01555525444) to receive messages, complaints and citizens' participation in the places of accumulation and collection of garbage and waste.
3- Application (at your service).
4- The electronic portal of the unified government complaints system (www.shakwa.eg.)
5- The Facebook page (government complaints in the Council of Ministers) at the following link (https://www.facebook.com/shakwa.egypt).
6- Ministry of Transport - General Administration for Citizens Service:
Address (105 Kasr Al-Ainy St. - Downtown - Cairo).
Landline (02/27980568).
Whatsapp number (01288992130).
The Facebook page (Government Complaints at the Ministry of Transport) on the following link (https://www.facebook.com/shakwa.egypt.mot/)