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Alexandria Maritime Port occupies the leading position in the ports of the Arab Republic of Egypt with regard to the volume of trade movement, through which about 60% of Egypt’s foreign trade is traded. Alexandria is located on the western edge of the Nile between the Mediterranean Sea and Lake Mariout. Alexandria is the second most important city in the Arab Republic of Egypt and its main port.

The geographical location of the port

Berths longitude Latitude
East of Alexandria 29° 52' 34.5252" East 31° 11' 36.9492" North

Alexandria is located at the western end of the Nile River Delta between the Mediterranean Sea and Lake Mariout.It is considered as the second city in the Arab Republic of Egypt and its main port. The second port in the western port is separated by a peninsula in the form of the letter T and the eastern port shallow is not used in navigation, while the western port actually constitutes what was termed the name of the port of Alexandria and the port limits the imaginary line between the two ends of the mother barriers Wag for outsiders.
Nature characteristics:
  1. Weather Wind Northwesterly ranging between 3-2 on Beaufort in summer and between 3-4-3 on Beaufort in winter
  2. The average water density is 1.30 g / cm3
  3. Winter rain season
  4. The amount of tide is 0.46 above the average mean

General vision to Alexandria Port Authority

Port Vision

A plan has been developed to expand Alexandria Port to accommodate more cargo handled, in addition to attracting more companies and providing the best services supported by the latest technology in the next ten years. This will benefit Alexandria, Egypt and even the Middle East region as a whole. Work to achieve this goal requires more effort from both port operators and Alexandria governorate. The key to achieving this by 2020 is quality.

Port strategy

Taking this vision into account, an effective strategy has been developed to meet our objectives. We focused mainly on the following trends: - Enhancing the port infrastructure to increase its efficiency.
  • Create new berths with depths and specifications that accommodate future generations of ships.
  • Strengthen the port infrastructure to increase its efficiency.
  • Focusing on infrastructure and IT services as an important tool to facilitate and enhance our services to achieve our main goal is customer satisfaction.
  • Integrate the efforts of all parties within the port to act as a port community to enhance and facilitate the work flow and provide the best services to customers.
  • Influence companies within the port to enhance their production capacity
  • Full commitment to the Authority's employees as they are our main means of providing our services.

The role and mission of the Authority in the Egyptian economy

Port Mission

Our mission at Alexandria Port Authority is to contribute to the economic development of Egypt by encouraging and stimulating water-borne trade and shipping of goods. We can achieve this through effective shipping management in Alexandria which accommodates the volume of imports by sea by providing anchoring, handling of adequate cargo and storage facilities.
As a very popular tourist destination, we seek to help promote tourism by providing convenient arrival and departure facilities for cruise ship passengers.
Alexandria Port Authority has achieved its mission to be the leading port in the Middle East by promoting and facilitating the international maritime trade of Egypt, especially with European countries by providing competitive port services and enhancing the port's capacity to meet the needs of future customers.

Port values

To provide better services we are committed to a set of core values:
  • Client routing
  • Ethical and professional management
  • Quality of service
  • Economic efficiency
  • Transparency and professional conduct
  • Social Responsibility
  • Innovation

Board of Directors of Alexandria Port Authority

The decision to establish the General Authority of Alexandria Port

Alexandria Port was established in 1900 BC, and has undergone several developmental stages until the issuance of the decree of the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser of the United Arab Republic No. 3293 of 1966 with the competences and responsibilities of the General Authority of Alexandria Port. Republican Decree No. 494 of 1986 establishing Al-Dekheila Port as the General Authority of Alexandria Port is exclusively responsible for the management of Dekheila Port


Job title

Rear Admiral / Nihad Shaheen Ali Shaheen

Chairman of Alexandria Port Authority

Rear Admiral / Reda Ahmed Ismail Khalil

Head of Maritime Transport Sector

Mr. Rear Admiral / Hussam Hussein Mohammed Al-Ruwaini

Vice Chairman of the Board of Operations

Mr. Rear Admiral / Hisham Abu El-Ezz Mahmoud

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for Financial, Administrative, Commercial and Engineering Affairs

Mr. Counselor / Mohamed Ragab Ibrahim Khalil

vice chairman councilol state

Major General Dr. Ashraf Muhammad Muhammad Al-Lawzi

Assistant Minister of Transport for Employment and Budgets at the Ministry of Transport

Rear Admiral / Hussein Mustafa Hussein Al - Jaziri

Chairman of the Egyptian Authority for Maritime Safety

Mr. Major General/ Hossam El Din Mohamed Abdel Moneim El Saghir

General Managerof Alexandria port police

Admiral.Eng /Hisham Ali Mashhour

Head of Central Department of General Organization for Export and Import Control GOEIC

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdel Ghani Al-Qarnshawi

رئيس الإدارة المركزية لجمارك الركاب – مصلحة الجمارك

Mr. Accountant / Ahmed Mohamed Al-Wakeel

President of commercialchamber in Alexandria

Mr. Engineer / Mohamed Mohamed Anwar Ahmed Hussein

Chairman of the Executive Authority of the General Authority for the Implementation of Industrial and Mining Projects

Mr. Accountant / Ahmed Gamal Mohamed Mahmoud

Vice Governor-Alexandria Governorate

Mr. Accountant / Mohamed Ahmed Moselhy

President of Alexandria Navigation Chamber

Alexandria Port Authority Library

About Alexandria Port Library

Did you know that Alexandria Port Authority has its office located in Customs Building No. 27 in Kabbari, where the library is full of a large collection of books and references more than 2300 books in various fields of knowledge and science, including:
    • General Knowledge.
    • Philosophy and Psychology.
    • Politics.
    • Economy.
    • Public Administration.
    • General issues.
    • Physics, Chemistry and Geology.
    • Anthropology, botany, animal and entomology.
    • Arabic and English.
    • Medical Sciences.
    • Engineering and Applied Physics, Mining Engineering, Marine Engineering, Civil Engineering.
    • Arabic literature.
    • World Literature.
    • Arts (sculpture, plastic arts and music).
    • Genealogy and translations.
    • General Geography and Survey.
    • Knowledge circles and dictionaries.
    • Social law, private law, procedure law, comparative law.
    • Religious books in jurisprudence and biography and interpretation of the Koran and modern science
    • Children's books and stories.
This is in addition to the publications of the International Maritime Organization in the fields of treaties and international conventions and topics of maritime law and engineering If you are not an employee of the Authority, we welcome you and give you the opportunity to read books and photograph some of its contents within the limits of 20%, as is the practice in the Library of Alexandria and if you are workers, you only need to complete the membership form and provide us with two photographs and within a few minutes will be friends It has the possibility of borrowing books borrowed from abroad and the Library Administration is pleased to receive your suggestions and communicate with you through the website of the Authority. Or call Mubasher Switch 4837161 - 1100.
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