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Alexandria port is one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean basin and constitutes a strategic link between the continents of Africa, Europe and Asia. It also occupies a leading position among the ports of the Arab Republic of Egypt, as more than 60% of Egypt's foreign trade is handled through it

Giant development projects

In implementation of the vision of the political leadership towards transforming the Port of Alexandria into the Great Port of Alexandria, a large number of investment and development projects are currently being implemented with the aim of establishing specialized stations according to the latest international specifications, developing berths and depths, and consolidating land areas through the establishment of an integrated storage and logistics backyard linked to multimodal transport

Cruise ship trips

The port of Alexandria has a giant cruise station, which is considered the most important facility for serving tourism for arrivals and departures, as the authorities and agencies whose work is related to passengers and tourism have gathered in one place

About Port Authority of Alexandria & Dekheila

Alexandria Port Authority is one of the most important and largest ports in the Middle East and Africa

Alexandria Maritime Port occupies the leading position in the ports of the Arab Republic of Egypt with regard to the volume of trade movement, through which about 60% of Egypt’s foreign trade is traded.

The City of Alexandria is located at the west end of the River Nile between the Mediterranean Sea and Lake Mariot. It is considered the second most important city and the main port in Egypt, it handles over three quarters of Egypt�s foreign trade Alexandria port consists of two harbors ( East and west ) separated by . a T-shaped peninsula. The East harbor is shallow and is not used in navigation. The West harbor is used for commercial shipping. The harbor is formed by tow converging breakwaters. No development was made to the port for many years until an integrated plan was set for the various areas of work in the port

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Investment opportunities in Alexandria Port Authority

An area 562square meters behind the mosque of fifth zone

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An area of 100 square meters outside Gate 14

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An area 1300m2 beside the pilots scafolding

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An area with 3150m2 beside alfa store

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Live stock yard in berth no 50 with area 8117m2

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An area of 3192, paved land with a concrete layer

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Previously Hamdi Al-Taher refrigerator, with an area of 776 square meters

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Warehouse 3/34 with an area of 720 square meters, Elmafruza turnover

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Vacant offices and administrative buildings in the first district of ElDekheila Port

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Vacant offices and administrative buildings in the Fifth District, Alexandria Port

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Vacant offices and administrative buildings in the fourth district of Alexandria Port

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The vacant offices and administrative buildings in Alexandria Port, the third district

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The vacant offices and administrative buildings in Alexandria Port, the second district

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Offices and administrative buildings in Alexandria Port, the first district

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Vacant cafeterias in Alexandria Port, Fifth zone

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The vacant cafeterias in Alexandria port, the fourth zone

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The vacant cafeterias in Alexandria Port, the third zone

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Publication on the official page of the Alexandria Port Authority

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Advertising license

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Rent and exploitation of Jubara 6, Jubara 7 in marine cleansing works

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Container repair center

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An accredited training institute

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Statement of investment opportunities in Alexandria and Dekheila ports


Offering two yards to be equipped as a waiting and service area for trucks
The General Authority of Alexandria Port announces that it is in the process of putting up Square (1) with an area of 20,385 square meters, and Square (2) with an area of 18,618 square meters behind the river berths in the Logistics Zone of Alexandria Port in order to equip it as a waiting and service area for trucks with the possibility of establishing a gas station to serve the region among companies specialized in this field. Technical competence, financial solvency and good reputation.
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Selling 13 lift cranse (kabash) at berth NO. 90 inELDekheila port, as they are, to a company specialized in the field of stevedoring to be used in thestevedoring operating (scrap and coke) of the companies.
Attention  1
All the operating companies in the port shall not renew the comprehensive category of equipment operating in the port except after submitting an approved certificate (calibration) from government or private agencies
accredited and permitted in this regard. To download Form No. (Of-26-05) in case all the dealing companies request the entry of their equipment to work inside the port comprehensive
category - annual - quarterly - daily

Solve the form

Attention  2
Nodding to the continuous cooperation between the General Authority of Alexandria Port and the Alexandria Port Police
We ask the companies operating in the port to quickly fill out the form attached to the advertisement and submit it to the Licenses and Permits Department at Alexandria Port Police.

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Important alert to the gentlemen dealing with the Alexandria Port General Authority
All dealers inside the port and who are not registered in the port’s dealers register must quickly finish the registration procedures for the provisions of the procedures and control the work cycle


In accordance with the requirements of the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS-CODE), we inform you that the electronic request to enter the ship will not be accepted unless the documents related to the FAL agreement are fulfilled.

You can download the required forms through click here

Please download the forms in PDF format after completing them on the SPS2 system when submitting an entry application

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