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Alexandria Port Authority is one of the most important and largest ports in the Middle East and Africa

Alexandria Maritime Port occupies the leading position in the ports of the Arab Republic of Egypt with regard to the volume of trade movement, through which about 60% of Egypt’s foreign trade is traded.

The City of Alexandria is located at the west end of the River Nile between the Mediterranean Sea and Lake Mariot. It is considered the second most important city and the main port in Egypt, it handles over three quarters of Egypt�s foreign trade Alexandria port consists of two harbors ( East and west ) separated by . a T-shaped peninsula. The East harbor is shallow and is not used in navigation. The West harbor is used for commercial shipping. The harbor is formed by tow converging breakwaters. No development was made to the port for many years until an integrated plan was set for the various areas of work in the port

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Important Notice

Regarding applicants for the Authority’s Announcements No. (1,2) of 2021 2021

The names of those who meet the terms of the advertisement for some jobs in the contract system are inquired about the date and place of the tests for each job on the official website of the Alexandria Port Authority as soon as the examination of the applicants’ papers is completed.
Now for a very limited time

An opportunity for young people and big investors

إSeize the opportunity and book your investment unit in the best places outside the customs department in the port of Alexandria. All commercial activities are available. Administrative offices - photocopy shops - restaurants - pharmacies - banks and other various other activities
Get in touch...numbers are limited
For inquiries:
Please call the number 034800100 – Indoor 3077
2- Soon a new investment opportunity in Alexandria Port
Subtracting spaces outside the customs department of Alexandria port
1- The area of Naga Aso, with an area of approximately 17,500 m2
2- The area of the aluminum hamlet is approximately 30,000 m2
This is in a public auction, and the bid details and conditions for applying for it will be announced soon
For more inquiries, contact the Marketing Department at Alexandria Port
Telephone 034800100 Indoor 3077
Please contact us to register in the customer registry to notify you of all that is new  
An opportunity to invest in vacant units in the investment building
Vacant units in the investment building on the side of Gate 14 Customs, Alexandria Port As an administrative headquarters for companies of different areas, ready to finish, air conditioning, elevators, equipped to install telephone and internet lines
The advertisement is according to what was received from the Marketing Department  

The supply building investment opportunity
The building is suitable for all commercial activities (administrative building - businessmen service)
The name of the investment opportunity Supplies building
Coordinates Fourth zone
Total Area 1200 m2
the number of floors 2
The area of each floor 600 m2
The advertisement is according to what was received from the Marketing Department

For more information on the Facebook page

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Important Alert
Gentlemen / shipping agencies and those dealing with private sanitation companies

Within the framework of the state's efforts to confront the spread of the new Corona virus and to complement the role of the Alexandria Quarantine Department in supervising the disinfection work of ships coming from abroad, which is carried out by some private companies.

And within the framework of fruitful and continuous cooperation and coordination between the administration and the Port Authority, please know that the cleansing reports submitted by the companies to the various shipping agencies will be stamped with the circular clash seal of the disinfection department of the Quarantine Department after the completion of the disinfection process in a manner that indicates that the companies perform the disinfection under our supervision. As of 2/21/2021, the seal is with the disinfection official / Mr. Abdel-Al Ahmed in the quarantine in Alexandria Chapter 1, noting that supervision of disinfection work is free of charge and without any fees. Therefore, we inform you that any pincushion other than the circular clash referred to above has been canceled.

We thank you for your cooperation with us
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