The General Authority of Alexandria Port receives a Chinese delegation to attend the reception of the Consul General of China in Alexandria and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chinese Port of Qingdao

Within the framework of the great activity witnessed recently by the General Authority of Alexandria Port at all levels and fields, including the field of international cooperation, in implementation of the instructions of Mr. Lieutenant General / Kamel Al-Wazir - Minister of Transport - and the directives of the political leadership towards expanding the horizons of cooperation with friendly countries and international entities to benefit from foreign expertise and economic cooperation. And attracting investments. The Alexandria Port Authority, headed by Mr. Rear Admiral Nihad Shaheen - Chairman of the Board of Directors - Rear Admiral Ahmed Hamdy - Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for Operations - Rear Admiral Hisham Safwat - Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for Investment - and the authority’s specialists received a high-ranking Chinese delegation. The level is headed by Mr. Yang Yi, Consul General of China in Alexandria, and Mr. Su Jianguang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chinese Port of Qingdao. The Chinese delegation also included the heads of the boards of directors of the Shandong International Group for Land and Sea Logistics Services,Shandong Port Investment Holding Company, Shandong Ports International Trade Group Co., Ltd. and Shandong High Seas Ports Group. In this regard, an expanded meeting was held where discussions dealt with ways to activate the fraternity agreement that was signed in November 2023 between the ports of Alexandria and Qingdao and the proposal to upgrade it to a memorandum of understanding. The discussions also included clarifying the components, role and vision of Alexandria Port, where the focus was on the strategy of Alexandria Port to transform into a smart, green port in parallel with the development and expansion movement in the various investment projects ongoing and planned to be implemented in the Authority, while ensuring the provision of all logistical services related to supply chains, the most prominent of which is the availability of a system. Advanced and integrated multimodal transport, including land, river and railway transport.The discussions also included ways to enhance cooperation in investment projects, build capabilities, strengthen trade movement and supply chains, mechanize terminals according to the highest technological levels, ways to transfer smart and green port technology, and attract international shipping lines. The visit included an inspection of the port museum, the marine passenger terminal, and the commercial berths, and a visit to the Tahya Misr multi-purpose terminal and the Alexandria International Container Terminals Company, where the delegation praised the extent of development witnessed by the ports of Alexandria and Dekheila at all levels, which are being worked on in parallel and with extreme professionalism in business performance and the operating cycle. And good planning to achieve the future vision, making the Great Port of Alexandria a global economic and commercial hub.

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