The General Authority of Alexandria Port achieves a remarkable growth in traffic and navigation during the month of August 2022

The movement of goods handling in the Alexandria Port Authority witnessed a remarkable increase during August of this year compared to August 2021, where dry bulk goods topped the forefront of goods that witnessed a significant increase by 36.6%, as nearly 2.5 million tons were traded during the aforementioned month, led by wheat by Approximately 824 thousand tons. Container traffic also witnessed an increase in the volume of trading during August of this year compared to August of 2021 by 3.7%, as more than 111 thousand TEUs were handled, comprising 2.2 million tons of goods approximately. The overall increase in the quantities of goods traded during August 2022 compared to August of the previous year amounted to 9.4%, with 5.5 million tons of traded goods of various types, including 23% of exports. In a related context, the movement of ships, in turn, witnessed a noticeable increase during the month of August 2022 compared to August of the previous year, where dry bulk ships topped the most types of ships, with a rise of 46.8% with a total of 69 ships, followed by an increase in the rate of increase from the same month of the previous year by 26.2% container ships By 106 ships. The ship THE MOTHERSHIP recorded the maximum total tonnage of the incoming ships during the same month, with a total tonnage of more than 170 thousand tons. In general, the rate of increase in the total ship traffic in the port amounted to 8.5% during August 2022 compared to August of the previous year by 345 ships. These increases in the rates of circulation and navigation movement come in light of the instructions and directives of Mr. Rear Admiral / Nihad Shaheen, Chairman of the Board of Directors - to achieve professionalism in the performance of work by the pilot and towing crews in the port, as well as the adoption by the Authority’s employees of advanced technology methods to speed up the procedures related to the docking and departure of ships and raise the standard rates For loading and unloading operations and the constant quest to reduce congestion in the port

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