Activity in trucks, cargoes and ships movement in Alexandria port

Activity in trucks, cargoes and ships movement in Alexandria port

An activity in trailers cargoes and ships movement in Alexandra port: Mr. /Reda ElGandour – the formal speaker of A.P.A declared that the port has a great activity in work movement today Monday 4/2/2019 where there are in the port 146 ship there are 44 ship are mooring in berths and they are unloading such as (Glovis Madrid) that came from Russia and it had 49000 ton of wheat, the ship (Nord Sail) that came from America and it had 55000 ton of wheat, the two ships (Histeria Giada) (Onosi Star) that came from Saudi Arabia and they had 66000 ton of Gas Oil (Solar), it is unloading a Stove Gas (Botagaz)cargo that weight 11000 ton that came from France and Libya and they are (Gas Red Sea),(Gas Energy) and another gas cargo that weight 9000 ton that came from Cyprus on the ship (Yogenia Gas) and there were in the outer anchor 34 ship and we are unloading a Coke charcoal cargo that weight 97000 ton that came from Spain, Romania and America on the ships (Alina),(Agaris)and (Nordic stafangese), there were two Ferries that came from Spain and they had 793 cars brand-new and it is unloading we are unloading in the inner anchor area 11 ship that loaded with 205000 ton of Coke Charcoal, timber and Soya and we are loading two ships with salt in order to export them. Mr. /ElGandour added that the port had a great movement in trains, trailers and river ships, where exit from the port two trains that loaded with 3100 ton of wheat towards the grinds in Embaba and Shoubra and another train that loaded with 1100 ton Coke charcoal towards ElTabin, exit from Elhawees ElMaleh three river ships that loaded with 4000 ton of cock charcoal, Silage and also there were 10810 exit and enter general trailer to and from the port and the storage of grains had reached up to 900000 ton in the port, 249000 ton from them of wheat. Admiral / Medhat Attia – the chairman of A.P.A had directed the nominated departments to Cooperate with the nominated departments to facilitate all the procedures and overcome the obstacles to secure the entrance and exit the trailers, ships and cargoes to and from the port in a secure system. 4-2-2019

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