Patriotism and love demonstrate at berth 22, Alexandria Port receives the first touristic ship this season:

Patriotism and love demonstrate at berth 22, Alexandria Port receives the first touristic ship this season: Reda ElGhandour – formal speaker of A.P.A said that the port today Saturday has a love demonstrate for the first time from the people of Alexandria to receive the Cyprus cruise ship – Salamis Filoxena which carry 500 tourists of different nationalities, with them Mr. / Fedon Fedonos - the mayor of Paphos and a high formal delegate that came from Cyprus to visit Alexandria City where Dr./AbdElAziz Konsoa – the Governor of Alexandria, Captain / Tarek Shahin – Chairman of A.P.A and many important public leaders received them at Alexandria City. ElGhandour added that it is the first journey for this ship, the second journey to Salamis group – where it came before 2010 with the ship Salamis Glory – and it is the first ship in the season in 2019. Captain / Tarek Shahin - Chairman of A.P.A said that the his Excellency Minister of transportation / Kamel ElWazeer instructed to cooperate between Alexandria Port and maritime transport sector with some companies and concerned Agencies to do their best to receive the cruise ships again in Egypt through Alexandria Port and this is by contact with the great shipping lines, Medcruse organization and the other concerned organizations. Captain / Shain – added that the port will be ready to receive new line and touristic ships which will arrive for the first time these ships, (Marella Dream) – Celesty Al Crystal) will visit Alexandria Port in the coming period. Captain Shahin – pointed out that the port will have a coordination meeting with concerned departments such as Customs, Passports, traffic, Government, Port Police, touristic and shipping Agencies, seamen and Everyone related to touristic sector in the next period to cooperate and be single file to make a good imprison, appear to tourists with proper appearance for Egypt's stature, assuring that the port will offer all facilities and efforts of returning the maritime cruise as before, hopeful that this kind of tourism will return to its rates before 2011 where these rates had reached up to 98 ship with about 200,000 tourist & crew of different nationalities on board of these ships, Captain /Shahin offered the port's shield to the mayor of Paphos and the Captain. 19-10-2019

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