The Prime Minister inspects a number of projects being implemented in Alexandria Port

  Madbouly: The projects witnessed by the Egyptian ports support the state's plan to upgrade the role of ports and enhance their capabilities to increase the movement of Egyptian exports. Madbouly stressed the importance of the projects witnessed by Egyptian ports, which support the state's plan to upgrade the role of ports and enhance their capabilities to push the movement of Egyptian exports, and benefit from Egypt's position as a logistical center serving the global trade movement. During the tour, Lieutenant-General Kamel Al-Wazir, Minister of Transport, explained that a number of vital projects that serve trade and maritime transport are currently being implemented, including the rehabilitation of the marine services area within the plan to establish arsenals in ports by developing the marine services berth by increasing the length of the berth from 100 to 160 meters ; To allow receiving the new tugs and transforming the marine services area in the port of Alexandria into a specialized arsenal, at the highest level, to build, repair and maintain tugs up to a tensile strength of 70 tons, and to build various marine units to serve the Egyptian ports. The Minister of Transport also indicated that a number of logistic areas are currently being established in the area of( Nagaa Aso and aluminum lands), the first with an area of 273 acres, and the second with an area of 600 acres; In order to establish a global zone for logistic services, stressing that the main qualitative shift currently is the planning, implementation and establishment of logistic zones, so that they will be an integrated center for services at a global level, through which customs deposit and re-export zones are provided, which provides a great opportunity to reach the markets of the East Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia, being part of the global logistics hub (Sukhna - Alexandria). The minister said: The importance of these areas lies in the fact that they provide all logistical services; Starting from inventory management services, packaging, canning, branding, and various value-added services, in addition to providing the infrastructure for manufacturing all production requirements for the main industries in Egypt up to integrated manufacturing. 5 km and depth (18-20 metres). At the same time, the minister explained the details of the project to establish a multi-purpose TMT station in the port of Alexandria, whose establishment comes within the framework of the Egyptian government’s implementation of a comprehensive plan to develop the maritime transport sector to achieve the greater goal of transforming Egypt into a global center for trade and logistics, noting that the station has an area of Half a million square meters, with berths lengths of 2.5 kilometers, and depths of up to 17.5 meters. Facilities and administrative and service buildings are currently being implemented at the station, and it is planned to be completed by the end of next October; In preparation for the trial run before the end of this year. The Prime Minister and his entourage also went to the joint examination building, where it was noted that 98% of the work of the joint examination building in the Alexandria Company for the International Container Terminal in the fifth region, which is implemented by the Ministry of Transport for the benefit of the Ministry of Finance, has been carried out, and 98% of the works of the building of the Alexandria Company have been implemented. The joint inspection in the Ocean Express yard in the second region, in addition to the implementation of 98% of the works of the joint inspection building in the Mafrazah yard in the fourth region, in addition to the implementation of 90% of the works of the joint inspection building in the Alexandria Container Handling Company in the fourth region. Alexandria and Dekheila by the end of this month. Dr. Mona Nasser, Assistant Minister of Finance for Follow-up, Project Management and Customs Development, added that with regard to the buildings located in Dekheila Port, 3 buildings have been established through the General Nile Company for Desert Roads, where the percentage of implementation of the work of the joint inspection building at the Alexandria Container Handling Company in the third region is 90 and the implementation of 90% of the work of the joint inspection building at the International Container Terminal Company in the third region, in addition to 90% of the work of the joint inspection building in the APL yard, the second region. Darwish, head of the Egyptian Group for Multi-Purpose Stations, who indicated that the station includes berths 55/62 on an area of 560,000 square meters, and the lengths of the berths are about 25 km, with depths ranging between 14.5 and 17.5 meters, in order to accommodate the station approximately From 12 to 15 million tons annually. Then Dr. Mostafa Madbouly went to inspect the progress of work on the project to develop the bridges of the Maleh Lock, and in this context, Lieutenant-General / Kamel Al-Wazir indicated that the project includes the construction of 2 overpasses for cars that allow passage in both directions and the construction of 1 railway bridge that allows passage in both directions, and the project aims to increase the capabilities of River transport in the port by increasing the height of the bridge to allow the passage of barges loaded with containers with a height of 2 containers instead of one, as well as increasing the ease of land and railway traffic, pointing out that the current implementation rate is 72%. At the end of his tour in the port of Alexandria, the Prime Minister and his escorts passed a project to construct a berth (85/3), which is implemented within a specialized station for handling grains, goods and timber, with a length of 433 meters and a depth of 15.5 meters, and it allows the docking of ships of up to 70 thousand tons and the berth. The Minister of Transport explained that the goal of the project is to work on increasing the capacity of Alexandria Port to keep pace with the increasing demand for general merchandise and timber activity, by increasing the storage space.  

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