Thursday, 17 Jun 2021 Local News/Port News

Regular navigation and circulation in the Alexandria Port General Authority

Navigation and circulation have been organized in the Alexandria Port General Authority during the past forty-eight hours; The total imported and exported cargo in Alexandria and Dekheila ports amounted to 186 thousand tons, and the number of imported and exported containers reached 2388 TEUs. In the same context, the total number of arrival and departure vessels reached 50 during the past forty-eight hours. As for the number of vessels currently carrying out loading and unloading operations in the ports of Alexandria and Dekheila, it has reached 31 vessels, including container ships, petroleum and general cargo. The Alexandria Port Authority has taken advantage of its multimodal transport capabilities, as nearly 25,000 trucks have entered and exited through the gates of Alexandria and Dekheila ports. Mr. Rabban / Tariq Shaheen, Chairman of the Board of Directors, stressed the need to take all security and safety measures and the precautionary and preventive measures used to confront the Corona pandemic, as well as a warning to maintain standard environmental standards and clean water and land surfaces.