The Minister of Transport Announces That The Tahya Misr Terminal In Alexandria Port will Receive The Giant Container Ship NEVADA CMA

The Minister: The ship is the largest container ship received in the port of Alexandria, with a capacity of 140 thousand tons, with a capacity of 12,900 equivalent containers T.E.U. Lieutenant General Engineer/ Kamel Al-Wazir, the Minister of Transport, announced the reception of the Tahya Misr multi-purpose station in the port of Alexandria, the giant container ship CMA CGM NEVADA, which is the largest container ship received in the port of Alexandria so far. Now, its length is (366) meters, its width is (48), its draft reaches (15) meters, its total tonnage is 150 thousand tons, equivalent to (12) thousand T.E.U containers, and 1530 containers will be handled at the terminal, noting that the largest ships that entered the station before that ship Its length reached (335) meters and its total tonnage was (10) thousand TEUs, which reflects the development of the terminal's operating work and its ability to accommodate larger sizes of ships, which contributes to the beginning of the entry of Alexandria Port as one of the transit stations in the future and making the station a major center for Trans trade in the Middle East, where the transit rate of the total handling reached about 35%, and where the General Authority of Alexandria Port, upon receiving notification that the giant ship NEVADA was scheduled to Moore at the port, took all necessary proactive measures for that before the ship sailed from the port of departure in Jeddah, where the planning was studied mooring and the confirmation that Alexandria Port is capable of receiving this type of ships with large submersibles. The Minister, along with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Authority of Alexandria Port and the Chairman of the Egyptian Group for Multi-Purpose Terminals, followed up on the movement and maritime services departments working to facilitate the trawling of the giant ship NEVADA and providing all means of technical support. And operational during towing and pilotage operations by pilots, pilotage crews and marine units with the highest degree of professionalism and efficiency, who took all measures that would secure the navigation of the ship from the time they arrived at the port, passing through the navigational strait and reaching its anchorage and mooring, as well as follow-up and control through the advanced technical systems in the pilotage tower, where The ship was moored smoothly and in record time despite the bad weather conditions, and it is planned to continue its journey after completing the loading and unloading operations at the port of Alexandria to the port of Koper in Slovenia. It is worth noting that the results of the terminal's work during the previous period have witnessed, since the presidential opening in June 2023, the development of loading and unloading rates and the movement of trucks within the terminal. The terminal has handled more than 250 thousand equivalent containers and received more than 230 ships. The final preparations are also being made for the train freight station from berth 33 adjacent to the Tahya Misr terminal , which will be managed and operated by the Tahya Misr terminal to transport containers by rail from the port of Alexandria to the dry port on 6 October. The station aims to operate more than 3 trains per week during the period. The first starts from operation until it reaches one or two trains per day.

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