The General Authority of Alexandria Port receives a high-ranking Chinese delegation headed by the Chinese Ambassador to the Arab Republic of Egypt

On the directives of Lieutenant General / Kamel Al-Wazir - Minister of Transport, the General Authority of Alexandria Port, headed by Mr. Rear Admiral Nihad Shaheen, Chairman of the Board of Directors, received a high-ranking Chinese delegation headed by the Chinese Ambassador to the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Chinese Consul General in Alexandria. That delegation included a number of Chinese investors. . The Chairman of the Board of Directors welcomed the Chinese delegation and emphasized the good relations between the Egyptian and Chinese sides, pointing out that the port of Alexandria has shown its strong economic role in recent years, which enhances its role as a gateway for trade exchange on the Mediterranean, in addition to the presence of many investment opportunities as well. On the already existing cooperation with the Chinese side in the field of projects and infrastructure, with aspiration to further cooperation and transfer of expertise. For his part, the Chinese Ambassador expressed his agreement with the vision of the port of Alexandria regarding the importance of strengthening relations and cooperation between the Chinese and Egyptian sides in light of the distinguished relations between the two countries and the strategic partnership under the leadership of both the Egyptian and Chinese presidents, especially since His Excellency Mr. Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt During his recent visit to the Chinese capital, at the head of a high-level Egyptian delegation, he affirmed Egypt's success in activating new companies within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative with China and other member states, and Egypt's endeavor to enhance sustainable development efforts in the African continent. His Excellency added that mutual respect between the two sides, people and government, is the basis for the success of joint cooperation, especially since the Chinese side appreciates Egypt's commercial and regional role in various issues on the African continent and the Middle East, as well as joint cooperation in confronting the Corona crisis, as well as Egypt's role in the COP 27 World Climate Conference and in In this context, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alexandria Port expressed Egypt's appreciation for China as a distinguished strategic partner and its understanding of regional variables as well as the historical relationship between the two countries. China is also a great country in terms of economy, manpower, technology and good management, as well as mutual respect and cooperation in various fields. This made there is consensus in the visions between the two countries, as development is the path to the success of international relations. He added that from this point of view, the Port of Alexandria appreciates the role of the Chinese side in investment and development projects, especially in the Port of Alexandria, where a commitment to build and develop the superstructure, manage and operate a multi-purpose terminal at Berth 100 in Dekheila Port was recently granted to a consortium that includes Hutchison Company, as well as signing a memorandum of understanding with the consortium. A distinguished Chinese investment project regarding the establishment of a logistics area as a backyard for the port of Alexandria on an area of 273.7 acres and other aspects of commercial and investment cooperation. The proposal to sign a memorandum of understanding between the port of Alexandria and the Chinese port of Guangzhou in the areas of training, transfer of expertise, support for the concept of a smart green port and various related port activities was noted. common interest. At the end of his visit, the Chinese ambassador praised the professional vision of the port of Alexandria in the fields of development and operation and the concern for safety and environment standards. The Alexandria Port Authority welcomed the Chinese investment proposals, and pointed to the constant endeavor on the part of the Alexandria Port towards consolidating international relations with ports and friendly countries.

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