Alexandria Port Authority achieves the highest trading rates in its history during 2021

The General Authority of Alexandria Port succeeded during the year 2021 in overcoming the effects of the Corona crisis, which cast a shadow during the previous two years on the movement of international trade in various ports of the world. Contained goods recorded the highest increase during 2021 by 17.3% over the previous year, with a quantity of 23.7 million tons. The liquid bulk goods of petroleum and strategic goods also witnessed a significant increase by 16.7% over the previous year, with a trading volume of 8.4 million tons. In addition, the quantities of general merchandise increased to 5.7 million tons, at a rate of 5.6%. The movement of Egyptian exports through the ports of Alexandria and Dekheila also witnessed a significant increase during 2021 by 24.3% over the previous year, with goods quantities amounting to 17.9 million tons. Thus, the total increases in the quantities of goods traded during the year 2021 will be 8.2% over the previous year In a related context, the number of ships increased by 3.7% during 2021, with an increase of 142 ships over the previous year as well El Rabban / Tarek Shaheen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Alexandria Port General Authority, stated that these increases are the result of a continuous effort by workers in the ports of Alexandria and Dekheila, and the adoption of the latest technical, technology and environmental means in the management and operation processes and keenness to provide the best services and increase the capacity through many Development and investment projects, as well as investing in the human element, which is the most precious wealth of the country, in light of the support of the political leadership for logistic and port operations and the directives of Mr. High productivity with high competitive capabilities befitting Egypt's historical, regional and international position. 20/1/2022

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