At 2355 on Friday, September 8, 2023, the General Authority of Alexandria Port received the giant transport ship SABAEK,

Within the framework of the general policy of the state and the instructions of His Excellency the President of the Republic towards preserving the environment and providing all the technical and technological elements that would support the Egyptian environmental system as part of the national and global responsibility to preserve the environment and confront climate changes, in which the Egyptian state did a major role in hosting the COP27 climate conference. The efforts of the General Authority of Alexandria Port, under the directives of Lieutenant-General / Kamel Al-Wazir - Minister of Transport - and headed by Mr. Rear Admiral / Nihad Shaheen - Chairman of the Board of Directors in developing its facilities and continuous coordination with major international lines to contribute effectively to supporting efforts aimed at preserving the environment and transforming Alexandria Port into a A green port, as the authority received for the first time one of the latest and largest ferries carrying ro-ro cargoes, which is distinguished by no carbon emissions within the port area. It is mentioned that the ship ECO ITALIA, which flies the Italian flag, was berthed on the port of Alexandria berthes at half past twelve after midnight today, Saturday, 1/21/2023, as it moored at berth no. 11/10, coming from the Belgian port of Antwerp, and this ferry is one of the most recent Ro-Ro ferries, which recently entered service in October 2022, with a total tonnage of approximately 76,311 tons, a length of 238 m, a width of 34 m, and a draft of 7.1 m. They carry 800 cars, 12 monorail vehicles, and 500 heavy equipment. It is noting that the ECO ITALIA ferry is equipped with the latest electronically controlled engines and an exhaust gas cleaning system to reduce sulfur and particulate emissions, which results is zero emissions while sailing compared to other ferries. This ship also achieves zero emissions in the port when it is docked on the dock and during loading and unloading operations, as it uses electricity stored in its batteries that are recharged during navigation because of the vertical generators from panels and solar cells. In this context, Mr. Rear Admiral / Chairman of the General Authority of the Port of Alexandria - instructed the traffic and marine services departments to work immediately on the management of the ship's docking during the towing, pilotage, loading and unloading operations on the docks, as well as the establishment of the industrial security, occupational safety and health departments, the environment, the operations center and all departments The other party concerned with continuous follow-up to overcome all obstacles and ensure the smooth and regular work progress

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