Regulating the shipping movement and the cargoes handling in Alexandria Port Authority during the last 48 hours

The total size of handling cargoes, which are import and export in Alexandria & Dekheila, is 268,000 ton nearly the number of handling containers which are import & export is 2,456 TEU containers and there is 23,000 trucks which enter and exit through the gates of Alexandria and Dekheila, in the same time, the total number of arrival and departure ships are 59 ships during the last 48 hours. but ships where they doing the operations of loading & unloading now are reached to be 33 ships among general cargoes, petroleum and containers ships, there is also exited train that loaded with wheat which consists of 25 wagon towards Shobra, it is expected to continue this activity in shipping movement, handling movement in a remarkable shape during the next hours, Captain / Tarik Shaheen, Chairman of APA had stressed to do all the procedures of safety and security, preventive and procedures to face emerging corona virus and keeping all necessary measurements and cleanliness of land and water surface. 16/3/2021

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