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January J, 2021 Important Alert

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Gentlemen / shipping agencies and those dealing with private sanitation companies

Within the framework of the state's efforts to confront the spread of the new Corona virus and to complement the role of the Alexandria Quarantine Department in supervising the disinfection work of ships coming from abroad, which is carried out by some private companies.

And within the framework of fruitful and continuous cooperation and coordination between the administration and the Port Authority, please know that the cleansing reports submitted by the companies to the various shipping agencies will be stamped with the circular clash seal of the disinfection department of the Quarantine Department after the completion of the disinfection process in a manner that indicates that the companies perform the disinfection under our supervision. As of 2/21/2021, the seal is with the disinfection official / Mr. Abdel-Al Ahmed in the quarantine in Alexandria Chapter 1, noting that supervision of disinfection work is free of charge and without any fees. Therefore, we inform you that any pincushion other than the circular clash referred to above has been canceled.

We thank you for your cooperation with us

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