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November J, 2019 Local News/Port News
Egypt Participates In Third Conference Mediterranean Future

Captain Tarek Shaheen, Chairman of the General Authority of Alexandria Port participated in the third conference for the future of the Mediterranean, which discusses

November J, 2019 Local News/Port News
President of Alexandria Port meets workers on the occasion of the Prophet's birthday

Captain Tarek Shahin, Chairman of Alexandria Port Authority, held an extensive meeting with the staff in support of effective communication with the Authority's staff and motivating them to exert more efforts to improve the Authority and increase its revenues.

November J, 2019 Local News/Port News
During the third set of ordinary and extraordinary general assembly meetings Egyptian group for multipurpose terminals Lieutenant General Engineer / Kamel Al-wazir :

The company will establish, exploit and manage the multi-purpose station on the berths from 55 to 62 in Alexandria port and the areas, squares and adjacent lands. 55 berth 55 project is one of the most important projects that the ministry of transport is undertaking in the field of maritime transport.

November J, 2019 Local News/Port News
The Regularity of stevedoring operation in Alex. and ElDekheila Ports although raining:

Mr. / Reda ElGhandour the formal speaker of Alexandria port assured the regularity of stevedoring operation although raining and the department of ship movement in the port is following up the meteorological measurements on a regular basis to be sure of wind speed and wave height register rates which allow the movement of tugs launches and ships safely.

November J, 2019 Local News/Port News
The status of Strait:

The status of Strait: The natural move of work is continuing in Alexandria and ElDekheila Ports and there as the rain didn't affect the cargoes, trucks and ships movement. 23-10-2019  

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