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2تنبيه هام

In reference to the Authority’s announcement No. (1) for the year 2021 regarding the work needs of (6 tugboats - 4 mechanical engineers - 6 electrical technicians - 6 marine chiefs - 6 mechanical chiefs - 12 marine - mechanical) 

(Applicants to contract for the aforementioned jobs whose names are shown in the attached statements and who have passed theoretical and practical tests at the Ports Training Institute and the candidates For a personal interview before the committee formed by the Alexandria Port General Authority, it was decided to attend According to the attached schedule بالمبني الاداري باب ٢٧جمارك بجوار معهد تدريب المواني وسيتم اعتبار المتخلف عن الحضور عن الموعد المحدد راسب وليس له مكان )

  Download the schedule of personal interviews for applicants to contract for jobs published in the Authority’s Announcements No. 1.2 of 2021 Click Here.... To download the names of the candidates for the personal interview for the jobs (Locomotive Commander - Mechanical Engineer - Electrical Technician - Naval Chief - Mechanical Chief - Naval - Mechanical) Click Here....