Day of the Mediterranean

Ministers of Culture of the Euro-Mediterranean region called to “promote new joint initiatives to foster culture-led development and regeneration, on the model of the European Capital of Culture, in coordination with the Union for the Mediterranean, taking into account similar initiatives. the organisation of such event would enhance the role of citizens’ initiatives and the ‎civil society, as it ‎stimulate networking and exchanges, promote talents and innovations of ‎Mediterranean actors, while stimulating investment into infrastructure and land planning. The UfM and the ALF designed and launched the Mediterranean Capitals of Culture & Dialogue initiative, in close cooperation and coordination with the young civil society representatives at its origins, as well as the UfM member states, through a collaborative and open approach, dedicating a World Maritime Day shaped to further promote the diversity and shared identity of the Euro-Mediterranean region and contribute to a better mutual understanding of its peoples

Customs Instructions

investment opportunities pictures

The First Zone
1- Temporary marine station 2- (leasing the units( Gabara 6 and Gabara 7 3- Behind Ninth Complex 4- Old berth 1, 350m by 150m 5- The diving building 6- Ninth Complex 7-Store No. 42 8- The work shop of the Egyptian co-for maritime navigation
The second zone
1- Roma store land 2- The investment building 3- Hamdi Al-Taher refrigerator 4- The Authority Refrigerator No. 3679 m 5- Activities complex
The Third zone
1- In front of the scale 6 2- Declaration building 3- Al-Mahmoudia Complex
The Fourth Zone
Egyptian Navigation Company previously Next to the scaffolding of the pilots, 1300 m Radar building buffets Misr Petroleum Square previously Cafeteria outside Gate 27 Logistics cafeteria 2 Manchov Building Store 32
The Sixth zone
Bridge No. 54
Bridge No. 54
Berth No. 85-3
unoccupied office
1- The investment building 2- Logistics cafeteria and offices in Dekheila 3-Buildings, cafeterias and commercial wood land facilities 4- Building No. 5 rooms in the first area of the port of Dekheila 5- 4th District Supply Building
Yards in Alexandria and ElDekhela port
1- An area of 400 m2 and the neighboring area 2- The area of ​​Egypt Petroleum, formerly, the fourth area 3- An area of 3152 Dekheila port 4- An area of 7000 square meters in the port of Dekheila 5- An area of 8235 square meters in the port of Dekheila 6- An area of 5842 meters in Dekheila Port
Other investment opportunities
1- Road ads and electronic screen 2-Advertisements on the authority's website
Unoccupied Stores
Workshop building 2- Warehouse No. 27 in Alexandria port 3- Store No. 40 weapons 4- Warehouse No. 720 m in the fourth region 5- Arab Company Store No. 23

Port strategy

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 كشف المواد التي يجب عرضها علي الإدارة العامة للحماية المدنية بالقاهرة تنفيذا لقرار مصلحة الأمن العام للنظر بشأن الموافقة علي إستيراد تلك المواد


 الاسم العلمي

اسم المادة






1830 1831 1832 2796

 Sulfuric Acid

 حمض الكبريتيك


2312 1671 2821




 1090 1091













 Lithium nitrate

 نترات الليثيوم







 Silver Nitrate

 نترات الفضة


 2029 2030 3293





 Sodium azide

 أزيد الصوديوم










 من 3101 إلي 3120 ” عدد 20 مادة “

 Organic Peroxide

 البروكسيدات العضوية بكافة أنواعها




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Site guide

معلومات عن الهيئة العامة لميناء الإسكندرية

About Alexandria Port

معلومات جغرافيا عن ميناء الإسكندرية

Geographical information about the port of Dekheila

Services provided to clients

General reports and statistics for the port of Alexandria

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