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Tuesday, September 10th, 2019 Local News/Port News
Alex. Port employees started a cleanliness campaign in the port

Mr. /Reda ElGhandour – the formal speaker of A.P.A declared that there is a group of youth and ladies of the port started a cleanliness campaign in the streets, yards, berths and the waterway surface under motto (a love day of the port) and many laborers participated to clean the streets and removing the rubbish piles, that started from gate 10 until maritime services zone and gate27, this campaign that organized by laborers syndicate to clean the streets, yards, berths and the water surface from residues,

Wednesday, September 4th, 2019 Local News/Port News
Controlling a limited fire at ElDekheila Port

Controlling a limited fire at ElDekheila Port Mr. / Reda Elghandour the formal speaker of Alexandria Port declared that the civil defense and the concerned authorities controlled a limited fire on berth 98/2 in ElDekheila Port. Captain / Tarek Shahin Alexandria Port Chairman went to location after informing the operation center and ordered the salvage units and the civil defense to the location immediately Mr. / ElGhandour added that the operation center received a distress signal that there is a fire at ElDekheila Port

During his meeting with labour of Alexandria Port and the Egyptian Authority for shipping safety of. Minister of transportationation:

-Joint the incentives with production and promotion according to the rules and laws. -A great importance to maximize the marine transportation to support the national economic and the transportation sector has to be the base of development in Egypt.

Walid Awad / Chairman of Damietta port Authority – Tarek Shahin / Chairman of A.P.A

The Minister of transport Admiral Engineer / Kamel ElWazeer assigned R.Admiral / Walid Awad to achairman of Damietta Port Authority follow Captain / Tarek Shahin who is nominated to A.P.A as a Chairman this care in the ministry aim to have new people in maritime transport system to maximize of supporting the national economy in the frame of executing the comprehensive plan of the ministry of transportation to develop all maritime ports according to the comprehensive plan

Assignment Engineer / Mohamed ElDakak

Assignment Engineer / Mohamed ElDakak Chairman of the Egyptian Group for Multipurpose Terminal.14/8/2019

Alexandria port gives five pilgrimage visas and a bag for workers:

Mr/ Reda El Ghandour - The formal speaker of Alexandria port declared that R.Adm/ Hussam El Reweiny - The director of Port Authority has handed over pilgrimage visas and air tickets and a bag for hajj supplies for five workers in Alexandria port Authority according to specialized visas for ministry of transport from the general secretariat of council of ministers and the rule issued in the regard R.Adm / El Reweiny gave the visas according to a lottery which win in 5 Ladies who: Sahar Ramadan Mohamed Afifi , Magda Abdal Fatah Abd Elhady Morad , Sohair Mohamed Mahgoup Mohamed, Rawya El sayed Hassan Badawi and Aml Farouk Mahmoud Owis. 29-7-2019

- Admiral .Engineer / Kamel Elwazeer issued the following resolution

legate Admiral / Medhat Attia to work as a counselor in the maritime transport sector, and admiral / Hossam ElRewany the vice chairman to operate the Authority affairs until issue another resolution.27/7/2019

Minister of Transport follows the rate of executing number of projects in Alexandria and ElDekheila ports and axis of connection in the west of Alexandria

- Adm. Eng. / Kamel ElWazir – announced finishing the executing ElDekheila axis he is going to watch the excremental operating of two floors in multi-floors garage he is also following the works of executing the free connection that connect Alex. Port with the high way coast international road with zone gate 54 and he is going also to watch evacuation the site of the multipurpose terminal project on berths 55 to 62.

To activate the maritime tourism, Alexandria Port is receiving the general secretarial of Med Cruise organization

Mr. /Reda ElGhandour – the formal speaker of Alexandria Port declared that the port has reciveed Mr. / Gordy Kabeli – where Admiral / Iman Saleh Ibrahim the Chairman of maritime sector, Admiral / Medhat Attia the Chairman of A.P.A and the concerned has received & welcomed him, this visit is including a pretending by the general secretary of MEDCRUSE organization.

Alexandria port is hosting the association of delegation from shandong world Federation of china:

Mr/ Reda El Ghandour - A.P.A official speaker had decided that Alex.port Authority had received the delegation and the program include meeting with Admiral / Medhat Attia - the chairman who welcomed the delegation and clear the importance of that visit and the cooperation between the maritime general association and Alex.port association. The program also include a visit to the

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