Sunday, 02 Oct 2022 Local News/Uncategorized/Port News

A great activity in the movement of ships and containers in the Alexandria Port Authority

Navigation and cargo handling in the Alexandria Port Authority witnessed during the past 48 hours a great and remarkable activity, as 52 ships entered and exited to the berths of Alexandria and Dekheila ports within 48 hours. About 182 thousand tons were handled during that period of goods of various types and strategic goods such as liquid bulk, dry bulk and general goods. With regard to containers, about 3004 TEUs were handled in Alexandria and Dekheila ports. Rear Admiral / Nihad Shaheen Ali - Chairman of the Board of Directors directed the necessity of following up the procedures of insurance, industrial security, safety and occupational health in all warehouses, yards and work sites, as well as following standard environmental standards in all port operations to prevent pollution in all its forms and follow up on the water surface.