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The First Zone
1- Temporary marine station 2- (leasing the units( Gabara 6 and Gabara 7 3- Behind Ninth Complex 4- Old berth 1, 350m by 150m 5- The diving building 6- Ninth Complex 7-Store No. 42 8- The work shop of the Egyptian co-for maritime navigation
The second zone
1- Roma store land 2- The investment building 3- Hamdi Al-Taher refrigerator 4- The Authority Refrigerator No. 3679 m 5- Activities complex
The Third zone
1- In front of the scale 6 2- Declaration building 3- Al-Mahmoudia Complex
The Fourth Zone
Egyptian Navigation Company previously Next to the scaffolding of the pilots, 1300 m Radar building buffets Misr Petroleum Square previously Cafeteria outside Gate 27 Logistics cafeteria 2 Manchov Building Store 32
The Sixth zone
Bridge No. 54
Bridge No. 54
Berth No. 85-3
unoccupied office
1- The investment building 2- Logistics cafeteria and offices in Dekheila 3-Buildings, cafeterias and commercial wood land facilities 4- Building No. 5 rooms in the first area of the port of Dekheila 5- 4th District Supply Building
Yards in Alexandria and ElDekhela port
1- An area of 400 m2 and the neighboring area 2- The area of ​​Egypt Petroleum, formerly, the fourth area 3- An area of 3152 Dekheila port 4- An area of 7000 square meters in the port of Dekheila 5- An area of 8235 square meters in the port of Dekheila 6- An area of 5842 meters in Dekheila Port
Other investment opportunities
1- Road ads and electronic screen 2-Advertisements on the authority's website
Unoccupied Stores
Workshop building 2- Warehouse No. 27 in Alexandria port 3- Store No. 40 weapons 4- Warehouse No. 720 m in the fourth region 5- Arab Company Store No. 23

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