General Administration of the Training Center

About the training center
About the training center
The Authority Training Center was established in 1985 under the affiliation of the General Administration for Training in the port. A highly qualified and experienced team carrries out its works, and it is the only center at The level of Egyptian ports approved by the Central Agency for Organization and Administration as one of the centers Training at the level of ministries, , government, agencies and institutions. where it aims Creating a distinguished training environment to be provided to port community workers. Als it aims to provide a Community service for our students from governmental and private colleges and institutes to prepare them for the Work market also to achieve one of the goals of Egypt's Vision 2030 in developing human talent, which is one of The most important wealth of our beloved country.
A regional training center that meets the training needs necessary to qualify and develop human cadres to keep pace with the requirements of the times. .
The mission
Providing a distinguished practical training service according to international standards. Qualifying human cadres to keep pace with technological development. Preparing a generation capable of meeting the requirements of the labor market. development Continuing programs to keep pace with the scientific and technological revolution.
the goal  
Upgrading the level of performance of workers within the port community to ensure quality and raise its efficiency Operating in line with the technological train in the management and operation of ports Providing community service Distinguished, worthy of the name of the General Authority of Alexandria Port. Meeting the training needs of the entities government in each respect Distinguished training and development for university students and recent graduates Their skills in specializations related to work within the ports to prepare them for the labor market Approvals and standards
Central Agency for Organization and Administration
Standard specifications in the field of quality 9001 for the year 2015
Standard specifications in the field of occupational safety and health 45001Standard specifications in the field of occupational safety and health 45001
Collaborating entities
Cooperation protocols are being signed between the General Authority of Alexandria Port and each of:
1- Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University.
2- Faculty of Commerce, Alexandria University.
3- Faculty of Arts, University of Alexandria.
4- Faculty of Law, Alexandria University.
5- Faculty of Science, Alexandria University.
كما تم توقيع بروتوكول تعاون مشترك مع معهد تدريب المواني التابع للأكاديمية العربية للعلوم و التكنولوجيا .
Training capabilities
Training halls equipped with modern training tools
Computer room.
Language Lab Hall.
Training in the Authority's various workshops.
• Training in the laboratories of the Environmental Protection Department.
• Practical training on marine units.
• Practical training on marine survey devices
• Practical training for students of engineering faculties with implementation at project sites inside the port.
Standard specifications in the field of occupational safety and health 45001 A list of university professors and lecturers at the center To contact
The center Address:
Gate 27 - Al-Qabbari - Training Center Building of the General Authority of Alexandria Port, Gate 11
Berths :
Phone: 034874718
Fax: 034874718
Mobile: 01554161695
activities :
Students of universities and government and private institutes Port community
Employees of government
agencies inside the port (customs, export control, etc.) imports,......)
Companies operating in the port and contracting companies for infrastructure and maintenance projects
The expatriate trainees of the Arab Academy for Science and Technology
fields Civil, electrical and mechanical engineering.
Marine engineering.
Information technology and digital transformation.
Physical and chemical sciences related to the marine environment.
Training on radiation protection and safe handling of radioactive sources.
Financial and commercial affairs and business administration.
Legal affairs and dealing with various issues.
Surveying sciences and signing land and marine maps.
Environmental conservation measures.
Quality control procedures.
Vocational training
Occupational safety and health procedures.
Welding works
Inventory of damage and marine affairs
Regular maintenance on marine units
Standard specifications in the field of occupational safety and health 45001Training ads Training ads
Training advertisements
Training advertisements
Registration procedures for students:
1- The application shall be submitted by the entity whose members are to be trained to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Authority Or at the headquarters of the General Authority of Alexandria Port Training Center. 2- Go to the customer service center (Chapter 11) to pay the training fees and the fees for issuing entry permits to the department customs. 3- Completion of the required papers (registration certificate or statement from the entity to which it is affiliated) + A copy of the national ID card "two sides" A clear and valid picture.
Training programmes

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