Economic News   

Activity in Trucks Cargoes and ships movement in Alexandria port:

Mr. / Reda ElGhandour – the formal speaker of A.P.A declared that the work today Monday 8 April 2019 where there are 135 ships, there are 45 ships are mooring in berths and they are unloading such as the ship (Wadi ElArab) that came from Russia and it had 63000 t wheat, and the ship (Captain and Redes) and it had 55000 t wheat, the ship (Top Grees) that came from Ukraine and it had 41000 t soya bean, the ship (Star Hibarion) that came from Russia and it had 36000 t soya bean, the ship (Blanca Kadis) that came from France and it had 14000 t Ptomaine, it is loading two Potatoes cargoes that export to Lebanon which weigh 5000 t on the two ships (Safi) and (Matima Discover)  and there are 33 ships in the outer anchor, in the inner anchor 11 ships. Mr. /ElGhandour added that the port had a good activity in trucks and trains movement, where exit from Alexandria port a train that loaded with 1500 t wheat that departed to the grinds in kafr ElSheikh, exit from ElDekheila port a train that loaded with 1000t cock where it departed to El Tebin, there were 11614 general trucks to and from the port 904000 t, 304000 t wheat.
Admiral / Medhat Attia – the chairman of A.P.A had directed the nominated departments to coordinate and cooperate with the nominated departments to facilitate all procedures and finish the obstacles to guarantee enter and exit the trucks, ships and cargoes to and from the port in a secure shape.  8-4-2019

Activity in ships  cargoes and trucks movement in Alexandria port and arrived 3000 Livestock

Mr/ reda el ghandour –the formal speaker of a.p.a declared that the port has a good activity in the work today Thursday 4 April 2019 where there are in the port 138 ship ‘there are 43 ships are morning in berths and they are unloading’sush as the ship(Adison) that came from Ukraine and it had 33000 ton wheat and the ship (Hilas Tatyana)that came from Argentina and it had 30000 ton  soya oil ‘the ship (Odisa one) that came from Russia and it had 3000ton cock,the ship (Bomar amb) that came from Russia and France and it had 33000 ton silage ;the ship (Bar) that came from Ukrania and they had 33000 ton maize ‘the ship (lady rasha) the ship marina  that came  from Ukraine  and they had 3000 livestock ‘ there  are in the outer anchor 35 ship and in the inner anchor 11 ships ‘ there is one from them was loading urea ; another 4ships were unloading  temper. Mr.\elghandour-added that the port had a good activity in trains ‘trucks and river barges  movement ‘where were two trains departed from Alexandria port and they had 3500  ton wheat and they were going to the grinds in Embaba and Bani swef’ another train departed from Eldekheila port and it had cock cargo that weight 1500 ton where it was going to Eltebeen’ other two barges sailed from Elhawees Elmaleh and they had 4000  ton mud ‘there were  0ther 12819 general trucks enter and exit to end from the port’ the grains storage in the port had reached to 978000 ton’ 549000 ton from them are wheat .
Admiral/Medhat Attia –the chairman of  A.P.A  had directed the nominated departments to coordinate and cooperate with the other departments‘ to facilitate all the procedures and overcome the obstacles to guarantee enter and exit the trucks ‘ ships  and cargoes to end from the port in secure shape.  4-4-2019

Open the straight of Alexandria and El Dekheila port after improving the water and air conditions:

Mr./ Reda El Ghandour - the formal speaker of A.P.A declared that the movement management in the port has decided at 2:30 of today's noon Monday 1 April  2019 to open the strait after improving the water and air conditions and the speed of winds and the high waves had reached to the normal ratios that allow the ships to exit and enter to and from the port in secure method.
And so that the specialized department in the port had started to receive the mooring ships in the outer anchorage according to its position.
Admiral/ Medaht Attia - the chairman of A.P.A had directed all the departments to be aware and oblige the secure terms and occupational health to keep the souls and possissions, enter and exit the ships, trailers and cargoes to and from the port secure.   1-4-2019


Local  News     

Minister of transport attended the inauguration of events the international maritime transport and logistics conference "Marlouhg 8":

Eng. / Kamel Elwazir the minister of transport attended the events of the international maritime and logistics conference "Marlouhg8" which organized by the sea and consultation center of maritime transport and by the cooperation the Marseille port association and Suez canal authority the conference about to the international completion in the maritime sector field and the future direction of investment in ports.
The attendance were the first rank team / Mohab Mamish chairman of Suez Canal, Dr. / Dina Ezaher manager of tour and transport sector in Arab country university, number of Arab and foreign ambassador beside number of local, national and international university and experts of maritime transport and maritime Society. The conference aimed to attract the specialized, experts in marine transport and marine ports and logistics so as to achieve the goals of sustainable developments development with sharing group of specialized from ports, specialized companies in marine sector on the local, international level.
Many axis will be discussed in the conference (the sustainable investment project – the importance of Suez Canal as an economic zone, the latest innovations and technological innovation in ports and environmental investment I the field of ports and the economic return, the importance of human resources to achieve the ports vision 2030 the minister of transport inaugurated the annual international exhibition & marine service of local and international companies in the field of port & marine transport services, information system and computer, this exhibition is the greatest specialized one in the maritime activity in Egypt and on the level of Arab country which allow to offer the latest technology used in marine transport industry, ports, authorities, and international associations work in this field. minister of transport: finishing ElDekhila axis before the end of April and stress the works of construction a (connection) link connect Alexandria port with the coast international road  in 54 zone for finish it at January 2020.
Minister of transport / Kamel Elwazir did inspection tour in Alex. And ElDekhila port to follow the rang of executing number of projects in the port where he follow Eldekheila axis and ordered to finish before the end of April 2019.
The minister declared that the project is considered a free link to connect ElDekheila port with the international coastal way to recover the current traffic congestion to enter and exit which cause to traffic congestion in the road of Alexandria & Agamy to increase the efficiency of the movement from and to the port besides that the project aim move the port movement and the industrial zone which reach to 3500 truck daily to reach to 5000 truck during three years to the international road directly without passing the inhabited zone in Eldekheila and Agamy Bitash.
Also the minister investigated the car yard, iron yard, liquid bulk stevedoring and storage terminal on area 6000m2 the first zone which will be finish in June 2019.
Also he follows number of projects in Alex. Port like range of existing free link, multi floor garage project, which constructed on area 15000 m2 and will increase the storage area inside the port consist of four floors three for customs storage with capacity of 2800cars the fourth for daily using, consists of concrete building to achieve the best model of building to be available for car moving according to Egyptian garage model it is expected to absorb 162 thousand car yearly the minister advised to finish the projects according to the timetable.    17-3-2019

Alexandria port added a new electronic systems and applied the resolutions of ministry of finance about applying the electronic payment system

Under the huge developing and fast movement of the ports & maritime transportation field in the world, and under the great importance of the Egyptian government to develop the role of the maritime ports to support the national economy the Alexandria port had many development and projects as the oldest port in the world to be pioneer in the middle east area by enhance and facilitate the world maritime trade in Egypt, through providing the compete ports services and enhancing the receiving capacity of the port to face the needs of the customers in the future ,these investments and projects help the port to be able to attract the trade and maritime transport it became also distinguish over the\Egyptian ports, from these projects is modernize the electronic system in the authority, in the field of securing the information technology data the electronic system in the port where we have now special systems of electronic integrated between the port and nominated department by achieving the principle G2G, G2B where we activate the integration between the port society and the safety authority activating the join between the port authority and the ministry of planning, achieving the join with social insurance and the department of taxes, raising the efficiency in the integrated system to receive number from the labor department in high speed to exchange data, it’s also raised the electronic paying system efficiency in the port authority system by putting disconnect electronic paying from the other system in the port authority. We registered the data of loading and unloading of containers companies, we have now a resource to revise the details of the manifest and the customs clearance that belong to the other nominated departments in the port, we rearranged also the integrated data organized to the information bank of the maritime transport sector with activate new data, disconnect the data between Alexandria and ElDekheila to facilitate the work for them, we modernize the work for them, we modernize the electronic walls and the switches to the electronic department and it’s system in Alexandria and ElDekheila, we also modernize and develop the television control programs in all yards, berths, public and branches roads in the port, we adjust, preparing and operating the new storage unit (900 IBM Flash) and replace the old ones, adjust, preparing and operating the clearances and the special programs in the system of the (Virtual Servers) adjust, preparing and operating the protecting programs from viruses and the trend micro which overcome and decrease from viruses and how to treat with them, adjust, preparing and operating the programs of Varitas net backup, we contracted to replace and renew (operating servers) in the electronic department because the sets became old and they don’t coping with the modern technology which were supplied in 2007 and now there are new and modern machines for work circles and programs in the systems of bills and clearance, ships movement, loading and unloading, gates, general cargo, storage, warehouses and the people who connected with the port, and now we are executing the (ERP) where we executed 70% from these programs until now, we also modernized in the field of insurance in building, constructions, control cameras where we also developed modernized television control programs by  fixing control cameras in all yards, berths, public and branches roads and also the outer and inner constructions, entrance and exits gates, electronic balances with 110 cameras in ElDekhila port and 210 in Alexandria port with high technical and efficiency technology systems and follow the control work all 24 hours.
The authority activate the issued resolutions through the ministry of finance about executing the electronic paying system in the port and now we are paying all the money they wanted for labors and the people who treat with the authority through an electronic paying system. we also mechanized the financial department and join it with all departments in order to be accurate in details and the work will be speedy.   30-1-2019


Tourism News 

Activating research the touristic maritime project among Greece, Cyprus and Egypt to activate the maritime tourism :

Mr. /Reda ElGhandour the formal speaker of Alexandria port declared that the is receiving today Saturday 7 July 2018 the representative meeting of ministry of transportation, ministry of tourism, the economic zone and the working Egyptian companies in the field of maritime tourism. To activate the touristic maritime join project among Greece, Cyprus and Egypt. The meeting was attended by Admiral Engineer / Mostafa ElDeeb the transport minister counselor of river and maritime transport affairs, Dr. / Emad Hassan the counselor of minister of tourism, Admiral/ Medhat Attia the chairman of Alexandria port Authority, Admiral / Reda Esmael the chairman of maritime transport sector, Captain / Hassan ElShazly the counselor of economic zone and port said ports, adding for all masters / the private sector companies representatives who are working in the field of touristic maritime journeys.

Admiral / Mustafa El Deeb said that the Suez Canal and Alexandria port are very important ports of maritime tourism in Arab republic of Egypt and both of them and the most Egyptian maritime ports are following the ministry of transportation and they are ready to receive the touristic maritime journeys. ElDeeb had assured that it is necessary and important to coordinate with the Egyptian touristic chambers and the other nominated departments to activate the touristic operation and he demanded to form marketing committee which will chosen carefully to activate all suggestions that will cooperate with all nominated departments to activate the maritime line among Cyprus, Greece and Egypt, the committee will have representative from each department to solve any problem which face the maritime tourism movement.
From another side the Admiral /Medhat Attia - the chairman of Alexandria Port Said that the maritime passenger’s station and its berths in the port are ready to receive tourists and touristic ships and he assured that the specialists in the port are overcome any obstacles for touristic movement. And they offer all facilities for tourists and touristic ships that coming to the port when they arrive at once or when they depart.
Adm. / Attia added that the meeting that will host in Alexandria port is aiming to show the situation to have touristic maritime journeys among Greece, Cyprus and Egypt. We will show the procedures about this and also the future. It aims also to show the ability to be receive the touristic maritime journeys and some obstacles, the meeting is aiming also to listen to the point of view for the private sector companies representatives which work in the field of touristic maritime journeys in order to overcome the obstacles, solve the problems and cooperate to activate the behave for all.     7-7-2018

Arrival of 360 tourists to Alexandria port on board of the cruise ship "Le Lyrial":

The formal speaker of the port - Reda El ghandour  declared that Alex port  received today Sunday 29 April the cruise ship ("Le Lyrial") with 218 tourists of different nationalities on board in addition of a  crew of 142  persons , El Ghandour added that the ship’s  depth is 6 meters and its width is 20 m and length of 165 m and it  moored on berth 24 in the maritime station, R.adm / Medhat Attia – A.P.A chairman ordered to coordinate with all  departments  to finish all the arrival procedures of the tourists safely and easily.  29-4-2018

1271 Tourists arrived at Alexandria Port on the ship "sunviking":

Mr. / Reda Elghandour - the formal speaker of Alex. Port Authority said that Alex. Port received today Saturday 21 April 2018 the ship sunviking with 786 tourists from different nationalities besides the serving crew 485 persons, the ship depth is 8 meters, length 215m. with 28m. It moored on berth no. 24 in the mooring station.

R.Adm. / Khaled Solyman - the vice chairman of the port present the ports shield for the ship captain who is pleased to enter the port for the first time. 
R.Adm. /Khaled Solyman Co. Coordinate with the concerned department to finish the Procedures safety and easily.   21-4-2018



807 tourists arrived at Alexandria Port on board of cruse ship (Black Watch):

Mr. / Reda El Ghandour – The formal speaker of Alexandria Port that the port had received today Tuesday 10-4-2018 the Bahamas touristic ship (Black Watch) and 473 tourists on board from different nationalities in addition of service crew which consists of 334 persons the draught of the ship is 7 meters, length 205meters, width 25meters, the ship moored on berth No. 24 in the marine station. The Adm. / Medhat Attia the port chairman had issued the instruction to receive the ship and tourists and facilitate procedures The A.P.A. offer the facilities for the terminal. The ship step by step from anchorage to the terminal .the public relations department in the port did its best for the tourists until they depart the port.   10-4-2018