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Honoring the winner for pilgrimage in Alexandria port:

The competition result has appeared in Alexandria port and the winners were Mustafa Husain sultan, Azza Fathi Karim, Huda Anwar Bassiuni for  Pilgrimage.
R. Adm. /Medhat Ateya - Alex port chairman decided to choose 4 persons from Alex.Port for pilgrimage R.Adm. /Ateya gave the pilgrimage visas to the winners Adm. Eng./Mostafa Edib - the counselor of the minister of transportation for transport of maritime and river has attended.     8-8-2018 


The completion of 35% of the multi-storey garage... and the opening in May next
Admiral/ Medhat Atiea  -  Chairman of Alexandria Port Authority said that the implementation of the multi-storey garage at the port cost 285 million Egyptian pounds and accommodate 1800 cars per day.

He added that this project accommodates the growing demand for the import and storage of cars within the Customs Department, and serves the tourist area planned in the future, Where the establishment of 2 traffic lane and a bridge linking the pedestrian to the users of the garage and the terminal of the passenger terminal and the marina and the area includes elevator elevators for passengers and the disabled and mobile safety and escape stairs and garage and equipped with fire extinguishing equipment and self-extinguishing systems and lighting systems and electronic control in cars and accounting and surveillance cameras high quality according to the latest systems in addition to the signs and instruction , He pointed out that the work has been intensified to complete the project and finish it before the specified period of 18 months to be ready for the opening in May 2019.
The official spokesman of the port, Reda Ghandour, said that the project will be built on an area of 15 thousand square meters and is a large addition to the experimental areas inside the port and consists of 4 floors, three of them for storage and accommodate about 2700 cars and the fourth for daily use.   Al-Masry Al-Youm Newspaper    31-7- 2018

Alexandria port had received a group from port Sudan:

Alexandria port had received Today Tuesday 31-7-2018 a group from port Sudan that follows the Sudan Country. Mr/ Reda El Ghandour - the formal speaker of Alexndria port said that the group consists of 8 specialized leaders in the system of movement and ships fasten in port Sudan, this visit through a training course in Electronic Maps and operating planning for ports. And they met port training institute in Alexandria port. The group had visited the photographed port museum , the Electronic management to watch the most modern operating in the (VTS) and the electronic system.    31-7-2018

At the board of director of Alexandria port authority agreed to start the procedures of tender of an area with 55 thousand m2 for liquid bulk operations in attendance of dr./ Hesham Arafat minister of transport.

The meeting of Alexandria port Board of director was held at ministry of transport seat in attendance of dr. /Hesham Arafat minister of transport and r.adm/Medhat Ateya Alex port chairman where the meeting started with presentation the most important planning for the port until 2035 included the most important projects like dredging on the outer seaport 8 in there seaport to reach the depth to be 15 m to receive the huge ship, also the execute project multi floors garage,
Completing the high way of Eldekheila Bridge which connects Alex port with the coastal international way.
The presentation included the logistic zone of Alex port on Elnobareya canal with all procedures completed until new to prepare the related studies for this projects after that the handling range general cargo containerized dry bulk and liquid bulk which the port performed at the current year compared with the last year where the increasing ratio reached to 14% also the performed revenue in the physical year 2017 /2018 reached to be l.e 4 milliard the asmebly accepted to start the procedures of the 55 thousand m2 devided into two parts for the liquid bulk with assuring to compel the investor to prepare the feasibility study for these projects.   20-7-2018