Economic News  

Opening the straits of Alexandria and Eldekheila ports after improving the water and weather forecast:

Mr. / Reda Elghandour – the formal speaker of Alexandria Port declared that the department of movement in the port had decided at 10:20 of the morning on Wednesday 9th January 2019 to open the strait after improving the water and weather forecast and the wind speed and high waves and the vision degree had reached to the natural ratios which allow to enter and exit the ships to and from the port in a secure figure.
And so that the specialized department in the port had started to receive the mooring ships in the outer anchorage according to its position and they were 53 ships.
Admiral /Medhat Atteya - the chairman of A.P.A has directed all departments to be aware and follow the secure and safety to keep the souls, possessions, enter and exit the ships trucks and cargoes to and from the port in a secure figure.    9-1-2019

Loading and unloading work regularly in Alexandria and ElDekheila ports although the strait was closed:

Mr. / Reda ElGhandour – the formal speaker of A.P.A declared that the department of ships movement in the port decided today Tuesday  8 th January 2019 to continue the closing of Alexandria and ElDekheila strait for the Third day successively because of the bad water and weather forecast where the wind speed and high waves had reached to the ratios which not allow to move the launches, tugs and the ships in a secure figure.
Admiral / Medhat Attia – the chairman of A.P.A had assured to continue the works of loading and unloading, enter and exit the traillers and good to and from port in a nature figure and we must be aware during the operations of loading and unloading to keep the safety of souls and possessions.   8-1-2019

Continue the System of loading and unloading although the strait was closed, the departments of maritime services and ships movement had succeeded to save one ship pushed by wind:

Mr./Reda Elghandour – the formal speaker of A.P.A. declared that the department of movement in the port decided to close the strait of Alexandria and ElDekheila port of the second day but the works of loading and unloading are continue, enter and exit the trailers, trains and goods.
Mr. / ElGhandour – added that the trains, launches and the rescue units that follow the central department of maritime and technical services and cooperate with the department of ships movement in the port had succeeded to save one ship which was drew by the wind and waves far from the berth which moored beside the berth, where the operation center had received a help call and it was informed at once to the nominated departments, so the tugs, launches and rescue units had moved at once and overcome the ship and returned it to the berth without any damages, the Admiral / Medhat Attia – the chairman of A.P.A. directed the nominated departments to be aware during the loading and unloading operations during entering of exiting the trailers trains and goods to and from the port and keeping the souls and possessions and he assured to the operation center, [port radio and the other nominated departments to be aware continues and they must be ready all the time to receive any rescue signals and face it at once .   7-1-2019

Closed the straits of Alexandria and Eldekheila ports because of the bad water and weather:

Mr. / Reda Elghandour – the formal speaker of Alexandria Port declared that the department of ship movement had decided at Six o' clock in the morning  of today Sunday 6th January 2019 to close the straits of Alexandria and Eldekheila ports because of the high waves and the wind speed to the ratios which not allow to move the launches forgetting up and down the pilot to and from the ship in secure figure.
Mr. / Elghandour added that the operations of loading and unloading to the mooring ships on berths, enter and exit the cargoes and trucks to and from the port is continuing in a natural figure. Although the straits is closed.   6-1-2019


Local News 

- Alexandria pivot – life arteries  
The citizens activate with us towards the future: Be ready God help you
The manager of AKafory project – Bog Elarab – Sidi Karer is ready for operating at the end of January
ElDekheila pivot will solve the traffic jam problem in the west of Alexandria with cost LE492 million
Multi Stores Garage in Alexandria port to face the activity of import and storage the cars and marina for passengers:

(We don’t care about the rain of winter and the hot of summer) this said by Mr. / Usama – he is a builder in the new ElDekheila port pivot that will finish in the end of January 2019 and it will start in service for citizens in west of Alexandria to join with the coastal international road, and the pivot of Borg Elarab …the young men are less than 35 years, who are responsible for executing three from the biggest projects in the ministry of transportation in Alexandria and cost is near Leone milliard (ElGomhouria newspaper met them on line)and stayed with them a complete day, there were hundreds with engineers, technicians and labours with different kinds, they were appeared with our (AlKamera) in (Mariot) Saline Lake, the weather was very cold, there were others who are standing (holding) with height 24m in ElDekheila bridge, they didn’t worry about Christmas gales …. Their sweat mixed with the water of rain on their heads and they continued the building and they didn’t stop unless they start another work.
The start was the new growth pivot in Borg ElArab …Eng. / Said Metwaly – the chairman of central department of roads, bridges and land transport in Alexandria and west of delta, he assured that the general authority is developing Cairo Alexandria desert road and Alexandria – Coastal Matroh in Kilo 34 Sidi Kerer passing by Borg Elarab stadium and Maritot Salinas Zone with Cost LE 852 Million and he pointed that the old road was two lanes only in every direction, the road became 3 lanes in every direction adding two lanes to serve the heavy transport lorries in every direction with total 10 lanes in two directions and we developed the surface squares and disconnect the main road from the services road with concrete obstacles.
Mr. /Metwaly – added that the project of developing ElKafory Borg ElArab project will reduce the time of journeys, using the fuels, keep the environment, limit the accidents, and it will raise the traffic flow by constructing the services roads, disconnect the tourism, raising value of lands and having additional value of alternative pivots of the road Cairo – ElAlamen, the coastal international road and movement service between ElDekheila port, and Borg AlArab and the industrial zone and when we extend and join between ElKafory, Borg ElArab and the coastal road it will consider a complete pivot. He assured that we interested in putting the guide signs, raising the level of secure of the road, modifying the dangerous curves that exist and the obstacles that face the work in saline’s zone he added that Mariout lake was the most difficult sites for executing where we filled up the saline with depth of 6m to widen the road and coordinate with the fish wealth authority and ministry of irrigation.
Eng. / Mohamed ElMoazen – the manager of ElKafoury project – Sidi Kerer in Authority he assured also that we faced big difficulties because of passing great number of oil lines in this zone where Alexandria zone has about 70% from oil lines in Egypt, refineries and their supplies are Someid, Jasco, Medor and others and they are all main lines, also we faced other difficulties in the main gas and water nets Borg ElArab and the North Coast and from it the line 1000mm which supply the city completely, there is also high effort line electricity 66000 the work finished in all these nets with complete coordination with the companies and keep them out any cut stop and we executed in the road without effect the citizen in these areas.
We also executed industrial works when they put pipes in ElBeharia with meter 2m for passing water and constructing two bridges from ElBehaira and the other is in front of Borg ElArab stadium to serve the stadium with width 8m, there are also concrete obstacles ElMoazen added that the work started in the end of 2016 and it is decided to finish in January 2019 and it is executed by General El Nile for paving the roads which follow the ministry of transportation and one private company, the executing work is very advanced.
It was executed by (ElTork Constructs) 13km started from the desert of Alexandria until the square of ElHawaria and 5 km until the cross roads ElTameer and the private company 10km. he assured that the work continue although there are continue winter gales and heavy rains there are groups who take the accumulated water and the work started again after taking the water from the ground and the cement substances and keeping all materials that used between the authority and the executing companies 90% from the work and the rest are some supplies such as ptomaine that used in Asphalt which is available in Alexandria.
ElMoazen pointed that Admiral / Adel Turk – the Authority’s chairman is visiting always the works and there is a weekly report in his office and this road is the main the northern coast and who is coming from Alexandria and Borg ElArab station, Airport and the industrial area because this road is main artery from Alexandria to the coast and Borg ElArab. He said that we found great cooperation with the citizens who resident in the area and who are crossing because the work is serious and they are looking forward to a wider road and more secure and they always say (God Help You).
And they are working until11 o’clock at night Eng. / Mohamed ElBasyouni – the executive manager – for constructing the roads in Alexandria – he assured that the work faced big obstacles because of the nature of the land, soil, saline and having licenses from irrigation and fish wealth authority and coordinating with petroleum companies and utilities nets, we started the work by clarifying the bottom of the lake from the mud which is not good for work for the road where we reached to 6m and we strong stones measure 6 to substitute the soil to fill it and it was worked with the equipment of constructing the roads and they are working day and night  where the weather is very bad in summer and winter and all these works were tested under supervised the specialized counselor.
Working in two shifts
Mr. / Basiony continues his speak and said that we used the most modern method of filling up and keeping the new road, we used the best iron for enforce, we had a complete asphalt it mix terminal for zoo workers directly and another indirectly and the work was for two shifts, we had also a complete concrete terminal and tenths of equipment such as motor graders, compactors and excavators, we used all equipment to take out the rain water to complete the work and we mixed the old and new concrete in order to accept the water for work.
The project is executed by Engineers from all parts, we have workers from ElBahera, Sohag, Bani Sweef and El Minia, we found for them a good place to stay in Borg ElArab, the area EL21 in Alexandria and the holiday is Friday anly and all of them are happy to execute this great project to serve the growth and good for future.
Eng. / Abdullah Azzazi – project consultant declarer that he is the responsible for the quality control and the delivering pointer that the project will affect the traffic and the road which work with turning system by coordinating with general department of traffic although it has a big effect on work and sometimes it delay it so it causes to divide the work into sectors he pointed that the road passes on it about 36 thousand cars daily and this number double the season of summer, because of the cars that run in two directions in the north cost until the the area of Marakia, Hamam and Borg ElArab stadium, the petroleum companies in El Kafory area, the industrial area, the air port, international internet cable that pass in the road, the other communications nets, sanitary and monuments and he pointed about the crowded day and night and he described the project as achievements.
El Dekheila pivot
 In the way to Alexandria port we passed on the new ElDekheila pivot inside Mariot lake, it is decided to inaugurate it completely during the next few days for the heavy trailers Alexandria port to the international coastal road and vice versa and serving the around area by using the surface road.
In a clear sky, a mud ground and obstacles in everywhere, builds to transport the crud pellet to the factories of iron which is near the port where we wanted concrete pillars and they were about 24m high above the ground and 24m underground the workers are working in the bridge and there where blacksmiths, carpenters, electrical technicians, loaders drivers and cranes to put the girders, Beams and they greeted us and they were very happy because they were working in the great project.
We met the Youngman engineer the General manager of ElDekheila pivot project where he assured that this project aims to ElDekheila port with length 4.5km with the international road, transporting the movement of the port and industrial zone that reached to 350 trailer daily and it is expected to reach 5000 trailer the next 3 years in the international road directly with passing the habitant zones which can't receive the heavy transport movement and it has accidents everyday and the traffic movement is stopped completely the areas of ElDekheila, ElAgamy and ElBetach.
Mr. / Radwan pointed that the project's cost will reach to LE492 million and it will join ElDekheila port with the territorial quick road in Alexandria governorate which include the quick costal international road which join the road between Cairo / Alexandria and the other territorial road to solve the problem of traffic from and to port to reduce the problem of traffic also in the road of Alex. Agamy road and raising the efficiency of movement to and from ElDekheila port.he pointed also that we will finish this pivot completely and it will inaugurated in the nearest time he pointed also that this project is a free joint to join ElDekhila port with the costal international road which include aground road with length 2500m and flyover bridge with length 1000m and flyover bridge above the construction pivot with length 550m.
We overcome the obstacles
This project faced many obstacles such as utilities and services on the road of the bridge and we overcome them, this project needed also the coordination of the project with 19 departments such as police, services and natural gas companies, water, sanitary, electric, railways authorities and others, and he pointed that the company has achieved advanced executing ratios in this pivot, although we faced many difficulties in executing, clearances and security acceptances to complete this project which acted challenge to the workers because it crosses above the saline with length 2.5km, we obligated to remove 235000 m3  it was a salty soil and not good, we also filled up this road in the saline huge quantities of new sand that reached to 465000m3 that took to the stones, he pointed that this sector needed efforts and procedures which were more than the flyover bridges and he added that the bridge was constructed in a secure way completely from guide, lighting, guiding signals services and join it with the other methods and these considers were taken to succeed the project and he pointed that there was 2km and 250m in the saline and the total length is 4km he clarified that we had two concrete and asphalt mixer in the project site in Omzegao zone to execute quickly and we prepare the equipment of the company in ElHamam and ElAmeed zones to supply the project with necessary stones for the concrete, we also used the concrete pipes in the saline and filling up with sand under supervision and following the consultant office and A.P.A. Usama Ismail from Kafr ElDawar ElBahara governorate, he said that we work in this project since many years in all works and now we are filling the concrete obstacles in ElDekhila bridge to secure it and thanks for our God (we don't care about a bout rain or hot of the sun and God help us) and he added that he travelled to ElEmarates and ElSaudi and have everything we need only the abilities we have effeciancy crud materials, he was pleased with the projects that exit in Egypt and he demanded only to look at the people who have limited income and lighten the burden for them.
Alexandria port garage
In another project in Alexandria port that is executing by the ministry of transport to serve the economic growth we were accompanied by the engineer / Mostafa Elsaid (31 years) the executing manages of the project that executed by (General Nile for paving the roads) which follow the ministery behalf the port, this project aimed to receive the increased demand of the activity of imports, storage the cars in the customs department in Alexandria port and this project aimed also to help in operating the touristic zone that will construct in the future which need having enough waiting places to serve the passengers terminal, trade center and marina zone ElSaid added that the project is constructing on 15000m2 with exceeded cost LE285 million, it will be additional for the storage yards in the port and it consists of 4floor, three from it for the customs storage which can receive about 2700 cars and the fourth floor is for daily usage for clients, it was constructed without any horizontal stairs slopes in the customs yard building and down the warehouses.
He clarified that the engineering component of the project are including the construction works for four repeated floors, ground, foundation and join with the maritime passenger terminal bridge, the works of concrete ground and construction finishing works, lift, mobile stairs, electromechanical works and coordination.
Exit and entrance the guiding signs and berths, the self fire fighting systems, lighting networks, alarms, information, control system of cars, accountancy and control cameras.     ElGomhorya news paper    5-1-2019

Achieving 40% from the deepest multipurpose berth in Alexandria port:

Admiral / Medhat Attya – the chairman of A.P.A. declared in ElMasry ElYoum news paper that we achieved 40% from the berth 85/3, where we made and put the concrete blocks and we dredged the first stage with length 120m, we put a layer from the clean sand is good for foundation with depth 7m, we are strengthen this sand with the mechanical shaking method to reach the demanded thick, we are dredging also to the second stage to complete the berth, we are strengthen the concrete blocks to the berth wall, this project will finish in June 2020, Mr. / Attya added that the berth 85/3 its length is 400m and its depth is 15m and it is considered the deepest berth in Alexandria Port now, its cost is LE441 million, it is specialized to handle the timbers, general cargo and it has back yard and its area is 40000m, Admiral / Attya added also that this berth will receive the giant ships because its depth is 15m, we will increase the depth is Alexandria port to reach to 17m. in the multipurpose terminal which will be built on berths 50 to 62.   30-12-2018

FInished of executing 98% from the pivot of ElDekheila port:

Dr. / Hesham Arafaat  - the minister of transport declared that we finished of executing 98% from constructing the pivot of ElDekheila port to join the international coastal road with cost LE492 million which executed by one company of the ministry of transportation on behalf A.P.A and he pointed that the project includes a free joint to join ElDekheila port in the coastal international road with length 2500 million, fly over bridge with length 1000m. Fly over the construction pivot with length 550m. He said that the project will achieve good traffic west of Alexandria added to join ElDekheila port with length 4.5km. In the international road, it is considered one of the most important projects to solve the problem of traffic in Alexandria, Arafaat added that the project aim to transfer the port movement and the industrial zone  to the international directly.    ElAhram newspaper   15-12-2018

Adm/ Medhat Attya - the chairman of A.P.A had directed the nominated department to be aware during the operations of loading and unloading , entrance & exit of trucks and equipment to and from the port to keep the souls possessions and he directed also to be ready the rescue units , tugs and launches to act at once in any case or accident , Mr/ Attya also to the operation center and management of the crises in the port to be ready to contact any time with the operation , the sector of maritime transport , the port radio act at once with any report an cooperate with the departments of maritime services and ships movement and other department.
Mr./ Reda ElGhandour -the formal spokesman of A.P.A siad that the department of movement had decided to close the strait for the second day because of the high waved more than 4 meters, increasing the wind speed to reach ti 26 knots , Mr./El Ghandour added that the number of ships in the outer anchor had reached to 40 ships as a result of closing the strait , he assured of continuing the operation of loading and unloading , entrance and exit of trucks and cargoes to and from the port in a natural figure.
Where there entrance and exit of nine thousand general trucks it's also occuring the operation of stevedoring four thirty one mooring ships on berths.
Mr./ ElGhandour mentioned that we are following and measuring the weather and water forecast all the hour , where the wind is calm amd the wave and improving the visibility will be opened the strait and start the ship movement according to first mooring.    5-12-2018


Tourism News 

Activating research the touristic maritime project among Greece, Cyprus and Egypt to activate the maritime tourism :

Mr. /Reda ElGhandour the formal speaker of Alexandria port declared that the is receiving today Saturday 7 July 2018 the representative meeting of ministry of transportation, ministry of tourism, the economic zone and the working Egyptian companies in the field of maritime tourism. To activate the touristic maritime join project among Greece, Cyprus and Egypt. The meeting was attended by Admiral Engineer / Mostafa ElDeeb the transport minister counselor of river and maritime transport affairs, Dr. / Emad Hassan the counselor of minister of tourism, Admiral/ Medhat Attia the chairman of Alexandria port Authority, Admiral / Reda Esmael the chairman of maritime transport sector, Captain / Hassan ElShazly the counselor of economic zone and port said ports, adding for all masters / the private sector companies representatives who are working in the field of touristic maritime journeys.

Admiral / Mustafa El Deeb said that the Suez Canal and Alexandria port are very important ports of maritime tourism in Arab republic of Egypt and both of them and the most Egyptian maritime ports are following the ministry of transportation and they are ready to receive the touristic maritime journeys. ElDeeb had assured that it is necessary and important to coordinate with the Egyptian touristic chambers and the other nominated departments to activate the touristic operation and he demanded to form marketing committee which will chosen carefully to activate all suggestions that will cooperate with all nominated departments to activate the maritime line among Cyprus, Greece and Egypt, the committee will have representative from each department to solve any problem which face the maritime tourism movement.
From another side the Admiral /Medhat Attia - the chairman of Alexandria Port Said that the maritime passenger’s station and its berths in the port are ready to receive tourists and touristic ships and he assured that the specialists in the port are overcome any obstacles for touristic movement. And they offer all facilities for tourists and touristic ships that coming to the port when they arrive at once or when they depart.
Adm. / Attia added that the meeting that will host in Alexandria port is aiming to show the situation to have touristic maritime journeys among Greece, Cyprus and Egypt. We will show the procedures about this and also the future. It aims also to show the ability to be receive the touristic maritime journeys and some obstacles, the meeting is aiming also to listen to the point of view for the private sector companies representatives which work in the field of touristic maritime journeys in order to overcome the obstacles, solve the problems and cooperate to activate the behave for all.     7-7-2018

Arrival of 360 tourists to Alexandria port on board of the cruise ship "Le Lyrial":

The formal speaker of the port - Reda El ghandour  declared that Alex port  received today Sunday 29 April the cruise ship ("Le Lyrial") with 218 tourists of different nationalities on board in addition of a  crew of 142  persons , El Ghandour added that the ship’s  depth is 6 meters and its width is 20 m and length of 165 m and it  moored on berth 24 in the maritime station, R.adm / Medhat Attia – A.P.A chairman ordered to coordinate with all  departments  to finish all the arrival procedures of the tourists safely and easily.  29-4-2018

1271 Tourists arrived at Alexandria Port on the ship "sunviking":

Mr. / Reda Elghandour - the formal speaker of Alex. Port Authority said that Alex. Port received today Saturday 21 April 2018 the ship sunviking with 786 tourists from different nationalities besides the serving crew 485 persons, the ship depth is 8 meters, length 215m. with 28m. It moored on berth no. 24 in the mooring station.

R.Adm. / Khaled Solyman - the vice chairman of the port present the ports shield for the ship captain who is pleased to enter the port for the first time. 
R.Adm. /Khaled Solyman Co. Coordinate with the concerned department to finish the Procedures safety and easily.   21-4-2018



807 tourists arrived at Alexandria Port on board of cruse ship (Black Watch):

Mr. / Reda El Ghandour – The formal speaker of Alexandria Port that the port had received today Tuesday 10-4-2018 the Bahamas touristic ship (Black Watch) and 473 tourists on board from different nationalities in addition of service crew which consists of 334 persons the draught of the ship is 7 meters, length 205meters, width 25meters, the ship moored on berth No. 24 in the marine station. The Adm. / Medhat Attia the port chairman had issued the instruction to receive the ship and tourists and facilitate procedures The A.P.A. offer the facilities for the terminal. The ship step by step from anchorage to the terminal .the public relations department in the port did its best for the tourists until they depart the port.   10-4-2018