Economic News  

- The storage of wheat in Alexandria port increased to be one million and 140 thousand ton:

Alex port received the ship "Abd El Latif" and Safeyatoo biotro wadi El Arish" with 106 thousand ton of wheat from Russia and Ukraine discharged and storage in the port siloes the grains reached to one million 140 thousands,  326 thousand of them wheat.
The port also received the ship "Sarsina" from Russia with 18 thousand ton of Sunflower oil and Ship "Enjelika" from Bulgaria with 30 thousand ton gasoline , this ship reached the berth of petroleum zone and the ferry "Grand Cicilia" from Spain with 411  cars, it also had reached  coal cargo which weight 135 thousand ton from Ukraine and Bella where they berthing at the coal zone to unload the cargo.
The berth 86 received alive stock cargo with 1410 ton fom Ukraine on the ship "User ship" and there was medical quarantine on the berth to examine the cargo before releasing it and the management of movement of the port had reviled that there where 111 ship had arrived the port and 25 ships departed and there are on interior berth 34 ship under loading.
Unloading it was registered exit and entrance 11 thousands trucks which are loading in different cargoes through customs gates. El Gomhuria  10-1-2018

- Alexandria port in this week end had an activity in the movement of ships , trucks and receiving strategy goods the ship ( Foregaleto) that loaded 36000t wheat that arrived  from Ukraine and the ship (Wadisafaga) it had 63000t wheat from Russia reached a gas cargo in the ship ( Gas Odisi)    13000t from Algeria , ship ( Paltic Wafa) which carried 31000t gasoline from Malta , ship ( Krim Allah) carried 12000 livestock from Croatia , the ship ( Geneva Queen) carried 5000t mazes well as  3  ferries Grand Oroba, Gawadina Leader and Asia King carried 1500 cars from Turkey and Singapore.     El mesa news papers   3-1-2018

-  Mr. Reda El Ghandour the formal speaker of Alexandria port had assured that the grains in the port stores and silos had reached a million and one hundred forty tons grains 326000 tons of them is wheat.   El mesa news paper   3-1-2018

- Mr./Reda Elghandour the formal speaker of the port has assured that the stock of grains in the dtores and silos in the port has reached to million and one hundred forty tons …326 ton from it is wheat …and Mr. / ElGhandour added that the total number of ships is 111 ship and 11 ship had left ..and 14 ship had arrived ..and 30 ships had moored ..and the electronic system in the gates had registered enter and exit 1100 general truck to and from the port.. and 60 trucks of wheat are loaded with 1800 ton.   ElMesa NewsPaper     27-12-2017  


Local News


- The port in one week

* Alexandria port had in this week an activity in movement of ships , trailers and receiving the strategy goods where it is unloading the ship (Abd El Latif) (sefatory Beuter) and (Wadi El Areesh) which is loading 106000 ton wheat that came from Russia and Ukraine, the ship (Angilika Ann) which is loaded with 30000 ton Gasoline that came from Bulgaria and it is unloading the ferry (Grand Cicelia) and it had 411 Private car that came from Spain and the ship (Sarasina) that loaded with 18000 ton from Sunflower oil that came from Russia , the ship (Finas Bright) (Geknes ocean) and (Ana Bela) and they had 135000 ton coke which came from America and Ukraine it reached a cargo on the ship (Yozerchef H) and it had 1410 cattle which came from Ukraine.

* Admiral / Medhat Attia – the chairman of A.P.A gave his instructions to coordinate among the departments in the port to facilitate the enter and exit of these trailers to and from the port easily ,securely and would be sure that they are good and according to the specifications.

*  Mr / Reda El Ghandour – the formal speaker of the port had assured that the storage of the grains in stores and the silos of the port had reached to one million and one hundred forty tons, 326000 tons from them is wheat , he added that the total existed ships had reached in the port 111 ships. There are 13 ships had departed the port and 12 others arrived while 34 ships moored.The electronic system had registered in enter and exit gates 11000 general trails to and from the port and 60 trailes wheat had left with 1800 ton.

* The whale drawn from Azor beach and it was dead by great cranes on the berth in the port and the marine forces drew the whale in the sea water by using (Zodek) to Alexandria port became it was difficult to draw it in the land it was carried on (Trailer) and it was sent to water organisms tomb in El Max area in order to bury it with salt and the lime to obtain his skeleton and then it will put in the national seas science museum.

* The chairman of holding company for maritime and land transport had pointed that the year 2018 will have many great investments projects in Alexandria and El Dekhila port , Alexandria handling containers company such as support and deepen the berth 96 m in El Dekhila port and containers terminal in the berth 55 in  Alexandria port as a contributing in the company that will found with ratio 10 % to 40% .

*  General department of cars customs in Alexandria had released during last December for 7525 private cars in different models capacity and countries 610 lorry cars , microbus 610 lorry cars, microbus , motorbike  and tractors with value about 2 milliard , 647 million , 949 thousand and 788 pounds , the total customs dues that was obtained 272 million, 817 thousands and 903 pounds and the total taxes on the additional value is 409 million 86 thousand and 859 pounds and the total fines and dues is 67 million 304 thousand and 54 pounds , so the total customs dues the additional value tax ,  the grows dues and the additional value tax, the grows dues and the grows dues and the obtained fines in Alexandria cars customs during Last December is about 809 million ,468  thousand and 873 pounds , while the total customs dues which was exempt by the European Cooperative agreements , the Turkish Cooperative and Aghadeer agreement during the same month 440 million , 177 thousand and 707 pounds.

- R.adm/ Medhat Attya - Alexandria port authority chairman lead a committee to survey and control all assets and properties of the port which unused since ten years which concerned a treasure because of its areas and storage and he also assured to make a completion plane to give the benefit from it and neglect it.   El messa newspaper   10-1-2018

 - R.adm/ Medhat attya -Alexandria port authority chairman commissioned the operation center and marine services and ship movement department with increasing the awareness and readiness of dealing at once during 24 hours during closing the port and assured to all the ports departments to be aware of taking care of the ship entrance and exit to keep the souls and prossessions safe and undamaged. El Messa Newspaper 10-1-2018

 - The admiral/ Medhat Attia the chairman of Alexandria port had met with the labors in occasion of the end of 2017 as he discussed the most important current projects and their role to push the national economy and raising the level of services which offered by the port to the labors and who trat with the port. The admiral  Attia had assured during the meeting that the bridge 54 , El Dekhila bridge , unclean bulk terminal , the liquid bulk terminal constructing multi stories garage , raising the efficiency of El Negma light house and some berths and buildings , all these projects are working now and their contracts were signed during 2017 and their investments are estimated with milliard pounds, during the meeting he thanked the labors for their efforts and he asked them to do their best during the next year.  El mesa news paper   3-1-2018


Tourism News 

The port had received El Bahamia touristic ship (Artania) and it had 1260 tourists from different nationalities in addition to the crew which consists of 1781 persons. Alexandria port authority had prepared a great program to the tourist group which included visiting the civilized and touristic sight seeing in Alexandria  The draught of the ship is 8 m, the length 230 m, width 32.5 m mooring at berth 24 in maritime terminal.  El mesa news paper   3-1-2018

- 2519 tourists had arrived to Alexandria yesterday :

Alex port received  2519 tourists from European nationalities malts tourist ship (Mein schiff 5) , The formal speaker of the port - Reda El ghandour  declared that we received the Great ship with crew 1033 persons.
R.Admiral / Medhat Attia a supervisor to finish the procedures quickly the tourist started to ride the tourist busses where there lined in the outer yard of the passenger terminal in El Nasr station in front of the main gate 10then they went to visit the sights seeing and monuments in Cairo – Giza and Alexandria, some tourists preferred to pretend with carriage in front of gate 9 and they had a trip in the trade area and down town until Quiet bay fort then they returned to El Shatby where Alex library. El Messa newspaper 8-11-2017

- The berth 22 had received in maritime passengers terminal the touristic ship (Mein Schiff) and it had 1798 tourists from different nationalities in addition to the service crew which includes 836 persons …the length of ships is 861 feet its draught 28 feet the port authority has prepared to the touristic group a great program which included a good receiving from the Folklore group and visiting the monuments. Civilization and the trade market in Cairo and Alexandria then the group return again to the ship to continue the journey to the port of Mediterranean sea.   El Messa newspaper 1-11-2017

The folklore is receiving 2522 tourists in Alexandria port:

Alexandria port has received the tourist ship (Mein schiff) and it had 2522 tourists from different nationalities in addition to the service crew which includes 1100 person and the length is 962 foot and its draught is 27 foot.
Mr. Reda El Ghandour - the formal speaker of Alexandria port said that the port authority had prepared very good program to receive the touristic group in addition to a pretending to visit the civilization and touristic sites and trading centers in Cairo and Alexandria cities.
It is decided to return the touristic group to their ship after they finished their journey to visit the ports of the Mediterranean sea.
The Admiral/ Medhat Attia - the chairman of Alexandria port had received the ship and the tourists and he instructed to finish all the procedures for their enter and exit to and from the port easily.   El Gamhouria Newspaper  24-5-2017