Economic News  

6 ships with Petroleum materials weight 83 thousand ton of Solar and minerals oils arrived yesterday from Cyprus, Italy, Belgium and Bulgaria.
Mr. Reda El Ghandour - the formal speaker of the port announced that the total of storage weight in Alexandria port silos is about 1.2 million Tons.   El Gomhuria news  23-1-2017

1.34 million ton the grain storage in Alexandria port:

The speaker of Alexandria port authority - Reda El Ghandour said that the grains storage in Alexandria port had reached million and 340 ton 467 thousand ton from them is wheat.
El Ghandour added yeasterday that a train had carried 1495 ton of wheat had left Alexandria port to the grinders in Kafr El Sheikh governorate and about 200000 ton general cargo had reached the port during the last 24 hours.   El Shorouk newspapers 16-1-2017

Unloading the first cargo gas from the berth (Medtap) in ElDekheila:

It was unloaded the first cargo gas from the berth (Medtap) in El Dekheila port with load 12 thousand ton and it was transported to the storage warehouses petrogas in wadi ElKamar in Alexandria.
After Finished the executing of pipeline to transport the gas with length 14 km and connecting with pipeline Medour to receive the imported gas cargo. So that the engineer/ Tarek Elmola - the minister of petroleum and mineral wealth declared yesterday that this procedure is the program frame which executing in strategy frame of ministry of petroleum to provide the gas product to the people through different sources and increasing the number of ports to receive the cargoes of imported gas ships to achieve the best geography distribution to receive these cargoes specially in winter to face the weather changes. El mola pointed also to execute some projects to ensure the provide of gas in the local market. And increasing the capacity of storage warehouses in Alexandria area, El Ein Elsokhna and upper Egypt to save strategy store of gas and increasing the capacity of pipeline to transport the gas and increasing the local production from the gas.The Engineer/ Khaled Abd Elbadia - the chairman of (Medtap) company said that the berth of Medtap port became ready to receive the gas tanker with load 25 to 30000 ton with load ratio that reach to 350 ton/h and by oncluding Medtap berth to receiving ports pf gas, so have now 4 ports to receive the gas.   El watan Newspaper  7-12-2016

Arriving 33 000 Ton  maize to Alexandria port:

The ship (Zien Kiang) arrived to Alexandria port from Hong Kong carrying 3300 tons maize Reda El Ghandor the speaker of Alexandria port authority announced that the shipment had been unloaded in the grains solos after finished the customs procedures, examinations and assured that its free of insects and suitable for human consumption to be evaporated and sent to grinds at other governorates.     Rosa El youssef News  4-12-2016


Local News

- Mr. Reda Elghandour - the formal speaker of Alex.port announced that it is not correct that the port bridge 27 was closed after land lowering in 27 bridge and traffic of trucks is organized and natural he added that one of bridge way only closed from Elbayhaky street towards El max and the other ways of bridge is opened.
Mr. Elghandour added that all works of rehabilitate the 27 bridge is finished except this way of bridge which was construct in 1991.  El gomhoreya news 9-5-2017

The minister demanded to inaugurate in during five months achieving 90% from the pivot to join El Dekheila and the international coast:

Ministry of transportation had finished 90 % of executing the pivot of El Dekheila port to join with the international coast road with cost more than 370 million L.E by El Nile For constructing the roads – the Admiral/ Medhat Attia – the chairman of Alexandria port authority described the project from the most important urgently projects to solve the problem of traffic and transportation in Alexandria governorate and the service movement in El Dekhila port which pass through it 25% from Egypt trade and industrial zone which is very near to it  and it threaded the souls of the people who live in the surrounding area in El Dekheila Zone in the east and Al Agamy El Bitash in the west and he pointed to the announced of the minister of transportation after watching the bridge that will inaugurate during five months after finishing the last stage.
Aly Ayad – the president of El Nil Company for roads constructing, announced that the project aims to increase the port movement and the industrial zone that reached 2500 truck daily to reach 5000 truck during three years to the high way ( the international road) directly without passing in the houses zones , the daily accidents and stopping the traffic movement totally in the zones of El Dekheila and El Agamy El Bitash. The work site is delivered in may 2014with contract value 280 million L.E which increased to 370 million L.E and adding the second stage to add free joint to connect El Dekhila port with the coastal international road that contains from a land road with length 1000 m over the construction pivot with length 550 m and he assured that the executing ratio had reached to 97 % in roads works and 90 % in bridges – Doctor/ Gomaa Mousa – the professor of roads engineering in Alexandria university pointed that the bridge was constructed in a complete safely way from the guiding way lighting pilotage signs, services and join it with other roads and these considerations were taken to succeed the project and there is  2250 m inside the saliness with the total length 4 km.   El Gamhoria newspaper 5-4-2017

Signing a contract of multipurpose terminal in Alexandria port:

Admiral/ Medhat Attia – the chairman of Alexandria port authority assured that it will be soon signing a contract of multipurpose terminal on berth 55 in Alexandria port with area 500.000 m2 and the lengths berths 1800 m and depths 17 m with the company (China harbor) the Chinese with investments 700millions.  El Youm El Sabeh Newspaper 5-4-2017

- Agreement between Alexandria port and Koper Port to Facilitate transporting of East ports to East Europe:

Admiral/ Medhat Attia – the chairman of Alexandria port had witnessed a sign of agreement with koper port in Slovenia with attending Admiral/ Tarek Ghanem – the president of maritime transport sector and the ambassador of Slovenia in Cairo to facilitate the trade movement and transporting the Egyptian exports from the fruits and vegetables to  East Europe.
Admiral/ Attia Declared that koper port is distinguish that is a main gate for many European countries where it could transport the containers from Alexandria port to Slovenia then directly through the land road to reach in the quickest way directly to the markets and the biggest distributions centers in these countries which will give competitive advantages to the Egyptian products. The admiral added that the agreement included also exchanging information and training experiences which contributes in supporting and helping the exporters to go through these markets and attracting the maritime lines between the two ports.  El Ahram Newspaper   3-4-2017


Tourism News 

The biggest tourist ship in the world had reached Alexandria:

Alexandria port had received yesterday  The Maltese touristic Ship (Mein schiff) that considers the biggest touristic ship in the world and it  had on board 2366 tourists from different nationalities and 1015 from its crew in celebrating atmosphere and Mr./ Reda El Ghandour – the formal speaker of Alexandria port said that  it was preparing a great program to receive the tourists starting with distributing the flowers and using the flute and the drum and then the group of folklore which showed some songs and arts to welcome them – the Admiral/ Medhat Attia – the chairman of Alexandria port authority pointed to finish all the procedures that belong to the tourists to go out of the port easily to visit the civilization and monument places.  El Akhbar newspaper 10-4-2017

500 tourists arrived to Alexandria port although the seaport is closed:

Although the seaport is closed for two days because of the bad weather Alexandria port authority succeeded to facile the tourist ship (Amadea) with 500 tourists from different countries.
R.Adm/ Medhat Ateya - Alex port chairman said that the port will be opened and 95 ships are waiting on the anchor since the seaport closed.   Elmaseaa News  26-12-2016

The passenger of Alex port is ready to receive the tourist ships:

Dr./ Galal Said - the transport minister insure the passenger station of Alex port is ready to receive tourist ship where it was been developed and became the capaitator the other terminal in med. sea . It is consista of big mole on area & thousand m2 include commercial area and marine beth with 1000 m in addition hinterland to charge and discharge ship in the car waiting area.
The transport  minister added that the tourist added that the tourist rail station is ready to tansport passengers and tourist from marine station to tourist places directly with new trains in high instrument, there is an agreement to consist a team work from the two sides to put a complete plane to activate the tourist activity through attraction the cruise ships from the Europe contries which share in activate the tourist movement.   El Ahram news 25-12-2016

Arrival of 2331 tourists to Alexandria port:

Mr/ Reda Elghandour - the formal speaker of Alexandria port Authority said that the touristic maltese ship had arrived and it had 2331 tourists from different nationalities adding the service crew which included 818 persons.
He added that the tourist group had arrived to the port from intalia Turkey and Alexandria port has prepared great program to the group which includes receiving them with folk music group and visiting the civilization monument and trade markets in Cairo and Alexandria cities.
Admiral/ Medhat Attia - chairman , Engineer/ Mohamed Eldakak, the vice chairman and Admiral/ Ebrahim Elshanawy the port security manager had received the ship and all the ship procedures for enter and exit the tourists.     El gomohouria newspaper  8-11-2016