Ministry of transport follows the election of constitution amendment in sidi gaber and Alexandria port two electoral

Adm. Eng. / Kamel Elwazir : a crowed of citizens in queues in front of the electoral to vote in the constitution amendments, it reflects their awareness and carefulness to participate in this democratic celebration to complete the development way in the country and constructing better future and present.

The ministry of transportation Admiral Eng. / Kamel Elwazir had a control pretending today night in sidi Gaber railway station and Alexandria port Authority where he followed the voting processes of the constitution modifications in the port and station electoral committees where he assured to find all facilities participating the citizens freely in voting for these modifications. In Sidi Gaber station he visited and watched the station and he ordered to finish all civil protection works, the air conditions of the station, opening the tunnel of the station which was closed from long periods to facilitate for the citizens, he also watched the tickets windows and he assured to behave well with the passengers and he be sure for every passenger to have ticket then he went to the voting electoral committee where he met the citizens where he thanked them in voting freely and he declared that participating in the constitution modifications is national duty and it is considered from the most important democracy practices and participating in voting is a right exists in the constitution for every Egyptian citizen and he should keep it because it is the top of democracy where we all are looking forward to achieve its principals in all political life fields, he added that  the crowded of people in queues in front of the committees to vote about the constitution reflexes their awareness carefulness better in this democracy celebration weeding to complete the development way in our country and having rising present and future to our great Egypt and the next generations.
In Alexandria port the minister held a meeting with the chairman of (Alexandria port, maritime transport sector, and maritime safety authority to follow the last news that belongs to the maritime transport projects and the different development plans) then the minister went towards the electoral committee in the port to follow the voting processes in the electoral committee where he assured in his journal declares that the Egyptians are sending a message to the world through their participating in the constitution amendments modifications that they assured their awareness and having the responsibility and their free desire to choose and they are able to have responsibility and be created to construct the glories, protecting their land and keeping his system and unite and he added that the constitution modifications will participate to support the place of woman in the Egyptian society and political life in addition to increasing the rights of the people who have special abilities and he added that these modifications will participate also to achieve more stability, to our country which return in security economic case and achieving the welfare to the Egyptian citizen and having a better life to the great Egyptian people, achieving the hopes of people where we find the Egyptian country among the developed countries in the world, leading the Africa continent and the Arab world.  21-4-2019