A Great Activity in ships and trailers movement and receiving the strategy goods in Alexandria port:

Mr. /Reda El Ghandour - the formal speaker of Alexandria port declared that the port has today Monday 28 may 2018 an activity in ships and trailers movement where it is unloading the ship (Yosor) that loaded with live stock which came from Brazil , the two Ships (Araz River) and (Linkran) that loaded with 12000 ton of sunflower oil that came  from Russia , the ship (Greg Roterdam) thar loaded with 34000 ton of wheat that came From Poland , it is unloading three cock ships (Darly Key) (Sidar/ Luck )(Ken sea) that loaded with 124000 ton which came from America and Turkey. It is unloading three ferries (Grand Gabon) (Grand Mediterano) (Joly Diamenty) that loaded with 1314 private cars with different models that came from Italy and Red Sea.
Mr. / El Ghandour added that the total number of exist ships in the port is 121 ship, 12 ship had departed, arrived 13 ship and 34 ship had moored , the electronic system had registered in gates enter and exit 11000 general trailers to and from the port during the last 24 hours , exit 30 trailers loaded with 9000 ton of wheat.
The grains storage in the port had reached to one million , three hundred and forty seven ton ,410 ton from them is wheat.
On other hand the Admiral/ Medhat Attia - the chairman of A.P.A had directed to coordinate with the nominated departments to faciliate enter and exit of these trailers to and from the port easily, securely and be sure from its validity according to the descriptions.