Although the strait of Alexandria and El Dekheila was closed most days of the week because of bad weather but loading &unloading movements were regular where it is unloading 330000 ton of wheat that came from Russia, Ukraine aboard the ships (Ronaldo)-(Common Fentor)-(sea lady)-(Wadi ElAreash)-(Sevetor Betor)-(wadi Safaga)… and unloading a maze cargo weights 209000ton which came from Ukraine, Russia, France and America aboard of the ships (Anam)-(Ponti Ann)-(Araser)-(Akota) and  (Grand Pioneer)… and unloading the ship (Lilan) loaded with 24000ton of temper that came from Singapore, the ship (B.W.Kamoia) which is loaded with 68000ton of Soya Bean from Bulgaria.    El Mesa Newspaper    31-1-2018