Arriving 10576 live stock to Alexandria port and there is activity in the movement of ships, cargoes and trailers:

Mr./ Reda Elghandour – the formal speaker of Alex. port had said that the port will have a big activity movement in ships and receiving the strategy commodities where they unloading a wheat cargo that weights forty eight thousand ton from the ships (cafa cazy- Volga) which came from Russia and it is unloading now cows, cars, cargo and they are 1857 from different models which came from Italy and Spain on ferries (Grand  detroied- Grand Benim) and the ship (Copstar) had arrived from Russia and it had 6000 ton of coal and we are unloading them.
And the ship (Tomotty Soya) from Argentina and it had 3000 ton of oil it is  unloading now also it is unloading 10576 of live stock they are on the ships (user shift to –BM spayerdone)  from Ukraine and Brazil we are loading also solar cargo which weights 30000 ton  from Saudi Arabia on the ship (Albetroleya) and petroleum oils cargo which weights 7000 ton came from Emirates and Italy on the ships (Yenpluto -  Karin Key).
Adm./ Medhat Ateya - Alex. port chairman had said that the total No. of ships which exist in the port 113 ships and to ships left in the port and 11 ships arrived 41 ships had moored on berths , there are in the outer anchor 19 ships and the inner anchor is 14 ships and he add the electronic system had registered Enter & Exit 10381 trailer and the storage of grains in the port 1 million and eleven thousand ton 330.000 ton wheat , there where 17 trailer had left the port with wheat cargo with load 510 ton to reach to the mills in all governorates through the river transport passing from Hawiss 19 units with 5500 ton of coal.
R.Adm/ Medhat Atya  facilitate entrance and exit of these trailers from (to the port safely and ensured the expire of the commodities before exit from the port.   Elahrar news 7-8-2017