The ship and truck movement also cargo handling increased at Alex port:

Mr./ Reda El Ghandour - the formal spokesman of Alex.port declared that the ship "Montors" "Wadi El Arish" "Wadi El Karnak" are discharging 157 thousand ton of wheat from Ukraine ,Russia and Romania.
Also the ship "Lamb" from America with 61 thousand ton of coke, the ship "Agaris" from Romania with 23 thousand ton of coke "Aquaris Leader" "Fedis" "Grand Scandinavia" with 1298 cars different types from Turkey and Singapore.
The storage of wheat at the port is one million and 446.000 ton 592 of them is wheat , there are 10.000 trucks entered and exited the port 28 ships moored , 21 ships waited at the outer anchor , 9 ships at the inner anchored, 15 ships departed the port.  22-9-2018