Dr / jasmine foad the minister of environment violators surveying to control the work and procedures at the niler with the control team.
The team get sample from arsenal ship main tenance and the sanitary of sugar factory in el mahmouadeya besides the sample from nile water next to the is sanitary .

Dr / yasmin assured to take all the legal procedure towards all disobey the law no 48 / 198 related the nile river protection and the punishing with fine and dim prison .
She ordered about sudden controlling on all pollution resources and the compulsory Appling the measurement of environme
She thanked the General Directorate of the Environment and Water Authority for its close cooperation with the Ministry and the Environmental Affairs Agency in preserving the environment, wealth and natural resources. He also presented a shield honoring Major General Tariq al-Jabali, Assistant Minister of Interior and Director of the General Directorate of Environment and Water Police. Environment and invited him to participate in the conference of instruments

Participating in the tour were Major General Tareq Al-Jibali, Dr. Mohammad Salah, Chief Executive of the Environmental Affairs Agency, Major General Yasser Al Akkad, Undersecretary of the Department, Brigadier General Hamdy Al-Deeb, Director of Environment and Industry Department Imtin Shatta, Head of Branches Sector, and the General Administration of Inspection and Crisis and Disaster Management Group.
In a related context, the Ministry of Environment announced the completion of the removal of oil pollution in the port of Alexandria, which was revealed last week where an urgent committee was sent from the regional branch of the Environmental Affairs Agency in Alexandria to inspect the pollution after a communication received by the ministry reported the presence of a spot on the dock 67 at the port of Alexandria and take the necessary procedures where It shows the preview of a thin layer of brilliant solar
The committee formed in coordination with the port administration to remove the pollution and was released minutes of reality and is taking legal action against the culprit.