Alexandria LE 45 million to develop the big and small Hawiss :

The capacity of transported cargo by river still 1% compared with land transportation so the government does its best to maximize the role of river transport to reduce the jam on the roads.
To increase the ratio of transport the cargo by river from 1% to 10% Alex. Port is executing the developing project through ElNobarya canal which come from ElReyah ElBehary also it finished the developing the big & small Hawiss with cost of 45 million to activate the role of river transport in integrated logistic net where transported more than 1000 ton cargo and commodities daily instead of 100 ton in the last and reduce the time of passing of river unit through ElHawiss to become 1015 instead of 45 minutes the hawiss Elmaleh length is 55m width 16m  the bigger length is 116m , width is 60m the port transport cargo by container through trains & barges which known multipurpose transport.
The developing operation included electric works, sound systems, and light systems, electronic alarm system to compete fire also developing civil and mechanical developing works for gates, waterways.
All these developing works consider port of logistic net plans and infrastructure of the river transport to achieve less cost to transport cargoes and reduce the time of transporting to support Egyptian Economic. Alex. Port is the first port in Egypt transport containers by river transport. From September 2016 through Elhawiss Elmaleh there study to maximize and operate Hawiss Elmaleh to car 2 containers instead of one container and increase transport containers during the last four month the capacity of cargo increased from January until April where 992 barges 255 thousand and 38 ton cargoes which include cock, wheat, maize, silage, Shale and containers in February there were 1450 barges which transport 350 thousand and 2019 ton, last April the biggest ratio 1402 barges  and river ferry with 402 thousand and 886 ton.      Elkhbar newspaper     5-7-2018