The general secretary of IMO Mr. / Kitak Lim had accompanied with high group from the organization and he had a pretending inside Alexandria port that is through his visiting to Egypt during the period from 25-27 January 2018… the Admeral / Medhat Attia the chairman of A.P.A. had received him with admiral / Reda Esmail – the chairman of maritime transport sector – and Admiral / Khaled Zahran the chairman of maritime safety organization … the admiral / khaled Soliman that representative the vice charman of port Authority …and Mr. / Kitak Lim expressed his happiness of the visiting and he assured the importance of the relations between Alexandria port and IMO and he greeted Doctor / Hesham Arafat the Minister of transportation …the vice chairman Mohab Mamish the chairman of Suez Canal organization and economic zone for their role to represent Egypt in the last conference that attended by the IMO in London and the result was that Egypt had won a member of executing the council the type C… the Admiral / Attia had offered a detailed show about the importance of Alexandria port and the develop storages and the most important system of the working that agreed with the IMO…and he had a spot about the current projects in the port and its importance to push the maritime trade movement… the Admiral / Medhat Attia had presented the port prize.  El Mesa Newspaper    31-1-2018