Activity in trucks, cargoes and ships movement in Alexandria port:

Mr./ Reda el Ghandour - the formal spokesman of A.P.A  declared that the port has a high level activity in work today Thursday 30 may 2019 there are 127 ships in the port ,38 ships are mooring on berths and they were discharged, such as (Pitra Star) from Russia with 40000 ton wheat , (Zenab Keran) that came from Russia with 27000 ton wheat , the ship (Shin Zein) that came from Ukraine with 40000 ton soya brean , the ship (Aqua Paises) that came from Russia woth 44000 ton maize , the ship (Saint Demetrius) that came from Russia with 33000 ton maize , it is unloading the Solar cargo 63000 ton from France and Russia on the ships (Hysteria Tiger) |(Nord Superior) there were in the external anchor 24 ships , in the inner anchor 12 ships.
The port has a high level of activity in trucks and trains movement where there was a train with 1500 ton of wheat exit Alexandria port and it was going to the grinds in Kafr El Sheikh.
There was another train departed from El Dekheila port with 1000 ton o coke that going to El TEbin, there were 12245 public trucks enter ans exit to and from the port during 24 hours, the storage of grains in the port reached to eight hundred thousand ton, and 550000 ton are wheat.
Admiral/ Medhat Attia- the chairman of A.P.A had ordered the concerned departments to coordinate and cooperate with other departments to facilitate all the procedures and overcome the obstacles to guarantee truck movement , ships and cargoes to and from the port Safely.