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Important Announciation


Beginning of the Marine fairway of Alexandria port which included in the investment plan of Alex. Port Authority of the financial year 2015/2016 & Contracted with the marine Forces.


  1. The works of marine survey using MULTI BEAMS from 25/4/2016 to 9/5/2016 the marine fair way and rotation of Alex. & ElDekheila port by a ship AMERSTROOM
  2. The dredging work will begin from 10/5/2016 by the Belgium dredger CONGO RIVER (TRAILING SUCTION HOPPER DREDGER)
  3. The fair way of Alex. Port will be 220m. In width instead of 180m. & the depth will be 15.5m. Instead of 14.4m. With total 2 million m3 which allow Alex. Port receives the SUPER PANAMEX ship with capacity 80 thousand ton.
Important Instructions

Instructions will be implemented from 1/7/2016 (Instructions maritime transport sector no.1 for the year 2016 on mandatory verification of the gross mass of packed containers VGM). Details

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Alexandria Port

The Port of Alexandria still occupies the issues between ports of the Arab Republic of Egypt regarding the volume of traffic, where approximately 60% of Egypt’s foreign trade is handled through the port of Alexandria.

The City of Alexandria is located at the west end of the River Nile between the Mediterranean Sea and Lake Mariot. It is considered the second most important  city  and  the  main  port  in Egypt,  it handles over three  quarters  of  Egypt’s  foreign trade. Alexandria port  consists  of  two  harbors ( East and  west )  separated  by  . a T-shaped peninsula. The East harbor is shallow and is not used in navigation. The West harbor is used for commercial shipping. The harbor is formed by tow converging breakwaters. No development was made to the port for many years until an integrated plan was set for the various areas of work in the port.

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