The Minister of Transport is following up the implementation rates of a number of projects in Alexandria Port

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April J, 2020 Local News/Port News

The Minister of Transport is following up the implementation rates of a number of projects in Alexandria Port

The Minister of Transport is following up the implementation rates of a number of projects in Alexandria Port and is reassured of the commitment to take all precautionary and preventive measures at work sites to protect workers from infection with the Corona virus:

  •  The multi-purpose terminal will cost 6 billion pounds and will be ready to receive ships of large sizes in the first quarter of 2022
  • Intensifying works with the project of establishing a free link linking the port of Alexandria with the international coastal highway in the area of ​​gate 54 To achieve the fluidity of traffic and transporting operations from Alexandria port to the international road
  •  Egyptian seaports operate 24 hours, the demand for Egyptian exports increases
Within the framework of continuous and periodic to follow up the implementation of projects implemented by the Ministry of Transport in conjunction with taking all necessary measures and precautions to ensure the safety and health of workers in various work sites and to continue the great development occurred by the transport sector in Egypt and contribute to achieving the economic development that Egypt is currently experiencing, as well as preserving opportunities The work provided by this sector. The Minister of Transport, Lt. Gen. Kamel, the Minister, accompanied by Deputy Hisham Abdel Wahed, Chairman of the Transport and Communications Committee in people assembly chairman, members of the Committee, and the chairman of Alexandria Port Authority, conducted an inspection tour today in Alexandria Port Where the tour started by inspecting the multi-purpose station construction site on Berth 55-62 at a total cost of 6 billion pounds (5 billion for the construction works of the plant and sidewalks and 1 billion for equipping it with operating equipment) where the minister followed the project implementation rates and watched the backfilling work at the station and where the implementation rate reached 10% by dredge (nerderlander der Prins) Affiliated with Al Tahadah Company which owned to Suez Canal Authority Whereas, 8 million cubic meters of sand will be transported from inside the sea from a distance of 12 km from the project site to reduce the cost and ensure the smooth flow of traffic inside the port and the quality of the sand used from the sea in establishing marine berths, and soil improvement work will start in early next June, and where the company has facilitated the movement of ships inside the port, installed 2 luminous buoys to determine the safe path for the movement of ships away from the site’s works. An environmental barrier has been implemented to prevent pollution inside the port and ensure the flow of traffic. The Minister also reviewed the work of removing marine wastes and obstacles at the company’s site, as 29 of 38 obstacles were recovered It is planned to raise them by 75%, and it is expected to be completed early next May, to remove all obstacles hindering the implementation of the works The Minister of Transport confirmed that the construction of berths and yards will be completed by the end of 2021 so that the station is ready to receive ships of large sizes in the first quarter of 2022, noting the importance of the project, which is one of the most important projects implemented by the Ministry in the field of maritime transport
The team directed the entire engineer to follow up the work to raise the efficiency of the artery road bridge in area 27 inside the port, which is implemented by the General Nile for road construction. Collapsed and treated with iron by removing rust and painting it with chemicals and making a concrete shirt to complete the structural sector of the column. The collapsed bouquets are broken and replaced with metal bouquets, replacing collapsed metal traps and replacing them with reinforced concrete ones and scraping the regret layer T shabby and replaced with a new layer and change the structural joints
After that, the minister continued the birth of 3/85 berth with a length of 433 meters and a cost of 390.6 million pounds, which is devoted to the handling of timber and public goods, whose implementation rate reached 41% and it includes a backyard of 35 thousand square meters, where the berths are being downloaded in the second stage and dumping a foundation brush for the stage The third is the work of casting blocks and throwing sand for the fourth stage The Minister directed that all necessary mechanisms and measures be taken to expedite the completion of the project on the specified date before the end of this year
The Minister also directed, during his inspection of the project to establish a free link linking the port of Alexandria with the international coastal express road in the area of ​​Gate 54, which is implemented by the General Nile for Roads and Bridges, one of the companies affiliated to the Ministry of Transport, the need to remove all obstacles and intensify the work to finish the project, especially with the great importance of the project in achieving traffic liquidity and operations Transporting goods from Alexandria port to the international road, relieving traffic and traffic pressure on El Max Street and the Wardian area, and eliminating the accumulation of heavy transport vehicles in public streets in West Alexandria.
In the headquarters of the Egyptian Authority for Maritime Safety, the final finishes of the work to develop and raise the efficiency of the administration complex at the Egyptian Maritime Safety Authority are inspected, where the implementation rate of the works reached 96%, and the minister stressed the importance of the great role of the authority in organizing and managing maritime safety security and the need for the authority to provide distinguished services worthy of Egypt's position International and global Then he went to the multi-storey's garage in Alexandria Port, which Its implementation was completed at a cost of 407 million pounds, as the Minister of Transport watched the start of the experimental operation of the garage located on an area of ​​15 thousand square meters, consisting of four floors (five levels) with a storage capacity of about 3500 cars with the planned tourist service in the future.
On the sidelines of his tour, the Minister of Transport, Lieutenant General Kamel the Minister, confirmed in press statements that all Egyptian seaports operate 24 hours a day, and that he continued today the regularity of loading and unloading work and the movement of ships and goods in Alexandria port, and I am assured of taking the necessary measures to facilitate the export and import work of strategic cargoes, noting The continued increase in demand for Egyptian exports, such as potatoes, onions, vegetables and fruits and the continued application of the precautionary and preventive measures to confront the Corona virus in all ports and not allowing ships and docks to enter the docks of ports except after the completion of all checks and medical examination on the crews of ships in coordination with the doctor on each ship and to ensure that they are free from any injuries and continue to purify and sterilize the incoming and outgoing trucks And marine units of locomotives, launches, all installations, arrival and travel halls, and the commitment of port workers and those who frequent the authority’s ports to the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the “Corona” virus. The Minister also praised the fruitful cooperation between the Ministry of Transport and the Transportation and Communications Committee in people assembly in completing a number of draft laws that serve the transportation sector and in supporting all sectors of the ministry, noting that everyone works as a single team to serve Egypt For his part, the Chairman of the Transport and Communications Committee praised the great development in the transport sector in Egypt, stressing that everyone is racing to serve the Egyptian citizen, noting that all I support the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry's projects that serve the comprehensive development in Egypt. 26/4/2020

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