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No. (2) for the year 2020

On the job of general manager of maintenance and services

اعلان رقم (2) بشأن وظيفة مدير عام الصياة والخدمات
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Important Announcement

Important Disclaimer
Within the framework of the cooperation protocol concluded between the General Authority of Alexandria Port and the Tax Authority regarding the collection by the General Authority of Alexandria Port of an amount from under the tax account on the value due on the service of transporting goods by cars included in the cashier bill with knowledge of (five Egyptian pounds) per ton of tonnage. Please be kindly informed that as of 1/6/2020, no truck or containerized cargo truck will be dealt with unless it is registered with the Egyptian Tax Authority (value added) Therefore, all trucks are required to provide proof of registration (original and copy of the certificate of registration) to the Licensing Department to view the original and save the image for inclusion on the electronic system and obtain a permit to practice the activity within the authority
1 Important notice for shipping agencies

Attention to all existing navigational agencies with any marine works performed on one of the sidewalks of the Authority by submitting an approval request to the central administration of the movement stating all the ship's data as well as the companies carrying out the required works and the wastes that will be withdrawn and the berth in the works provided that the ships are held accountable according to Ministerial Resolution No. 800 of 2016 and its amendments Concerning the issuance of the regulation organizing the activities and works related to maritime transport in exchange for the use thereof . To download Ministerial Resolution No.800 of 2016 Click Here

2 Important notice for shipping agencies

Within the framework of joint cooperation between the Port Authority and the Customs Authority, the shipping agencies are requested to submit a statement of the neglected goods explaining the following details: the ship's name _ the urinary number _ the negligent number _ the owner’s name _ the storage company _ the type of storage in detail _ the date of discharge _ the time the goods remain In the port _ container number (Alexandria _ Al-Dekheila port)

This statement is delivered to the electronic management of Engineer / Amr Abdel-Al


Project management, operation and marketing of the commercial center of the tourist terminal in Alexandria port among the companies specialized in this field.

Granting an advertisement license within the Alexandria and Dekheila ports to companies wishing to place their own ads within the Alexandria and Dekheila ports..

Announcement details

Important notice for the navigation room

Gentlemen / navigation room

Sirs/ shipping chambers

Within the framework of the permanent endeavor of the Port Authority of Alexandria to develop and improve the level of service provided for navigational agencies, we inform you that the General Authority of Alexandria Port has published a program to provide technical support for the navigational agencies of the SPS system on the website of the Authority where navigational agencies can register a communication with the required technical support and Obtaining a special automatic number from the program with this application, as well as directing the request to the competent team for the speed of the solution, with the possibility of following up the request and Determining the level of completion of work around the clock 24/7 365 days, in addition to the telephone numbers 4863278 - 4807325, which are allocated to provide technical support to the SPS system around the clock 24/7 365 days. From each agency to receive the username and password, as well as training on how to use the program. .

Corona Virus

Methods of prevention of the emerging corona virus

Learn the symptoms of the Corona virus and ways to prevent it

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To follow the instructions and procedures for the prevention of the covid-19 virus, according to the book of Dr. Dr. Head of Preventive Medicine in the Ministry of Health and Population No. 840 dated 20/20/2020 Download the following files:
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