Working hours in Alexandria port

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March J, 2020 Local News/Port News

Working hours in Alexandria port

  Reference to the decision of hisExcellency Dr. / Prime Minister, to ban the movement of citizens on all publicroads from 1900 to 0600 daily for a period of two weeks. According to the instructions of Captain / Chairmanof APA the operation of the port will be from Wednesday, 3/25/2020 and untilfurther instructions, according to the following manner:

1- Working inside the port 24 hours a day with regard to themovement of freight and unloading, the movement of ships and locomotives, themovement of goods and regions, electronic management, security, operations andbalances
2- Working on individuals' gates (Entry / Exit) starting from 0600 to 1800
3- Working on truck gates (Authorization / Exit) starting from 0700 to 1630
4 - Working with collections and gates from 0700 to 1630 25-3-2020  

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