Interview by Captain / Tarik Shaheen, Chairman of the Alexandria Port Authority with the employees of the Authority during the monthly labor meeting

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December J, 2019 Local News/Port News

Interview by Captain / Tarik Shaheen, Chairman of the Alexandria Port Authority with the employees of the Authority during the monthly labor meeting

Captain / Tarek Shaheen, Chairman of Alexandria Port Authority, for the Authority’s employees, happened during the monthly labor meeting: Thanks to those who helped to prepare the multi-purpose terminal contract. Thanks to everyone who has done work that added to the authority. Do not pay attention to the rumors and seek accuracy so that public opinion is not raised and confusion occurs. Thanks to the two vice-presidents of the authority for their efforts. and their dedication to work. We follow the policy of reward and punishment, and do not oppress anyone. I listen to every employee and my office is open but I will not allow anyone to waste my time without interest. I seek accuracy as much as I can in everything presented to me, so that no one is unfair. I don't judge any employee, whether big or small, about what I hear about him, but I judge everyone through work and dealing, I and all the leaders and workers work for the port’s interest, and I did not allow anyone to prioritize his personal interest over that of the authority. Nobody imagines that someone else takes his effort because God does not waste the work of a worker. We can agree that rights will return to his owner whatever happened. We are working to maximize the Authority's revenues and restore its rights. We raised the Authority's share of the storage charge in the Egyptian Warehouse Company from 50% to 60% and this percentage has not moved since fifty years. We succeeded in electronic linking with companies to know the real numbers of the rates of loading and unloading and the minimum handling. We have finished lifting all the sunken ships completely. We managed to get rid of 200 tons of scrap that occupied the yards, berths and warehouses, and we sold them for the port. and we making every effort with the concerned authorities to get rid of the remaining scrap and discarded. We managed to clean the berths, yards, water surface and crops. The port's youth, who worked with the cargoes movement on the berths, proved their worth and worked with magnanimity. The ship movement department, marine services and the guides have achieved records with a number of marine movements despite the bad weather conditions, we seek to improve the income system for all employees and we have presented this to the Board of Directors we have established the salary system and we are going to develop it in order to meet the desire and needs of all the employees we succeeded in operating the petroleum dock at night. for the first time we have a specific strategy for developing Alexandria Port to be an international Port, which includes: - Paying attention to the human element and putting the right person in the right place. - Increasing the performance rates of the movement of ships, goods and scales and reducing the ship duration ship's stay at the port. - Activating maintenance plans inside the port to include maintenance of roads, buildings and farms, maintenance of the port dock, dredging of water surface and berths, and maintenance of the marine fleet of tugs and launches. Restoring the rights of the Port Authority from the other parties. - Activating and developing electronic systems, whereby reservations are made online for transportation offices, payment is made electronically and others. - Activating the safety, security and occupational health measures and preserving the marine, land and air environment. - Activating discipline inside the port, especially on the gates, on the berths, and in the yards. - The best use of port assets, the most important of which is unused. 26-12-2019


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