Bogas port of Alexandria and Dekheila closed due to bad conditions

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January J, 2020 Local News/Port News

Bogas port of Alexandria and Dekheila closed due to bad conditions

Closing the strait of Alexandria and Dekheila ports, the charging and discharging movement:

Reda El-Ghandour, spokesman for the General Authority of Alexandria Port, said that the Department of Ship Movement decided at 3:30 in the afternoon on Monday, January 6, 2020 to close the strait of Alexandria and Dekheila Ports due to the increase in dust and the difficulty of the degree of visibility, The height of the waves and the speed of the wind to the rates that do not allow the movement of the launches and the ascend and descent of the Pilots from and on the ship safely. Al-Ghandour added that the operations of loading and unloading ships moored on the berths, and the entry and exit of goods and trucks to and from the port continues regularly despite the closure of the strait. The captain \ Tarik Shaheen, Chairman of the port authority, instructed the various port departments to exercise caution, and follow safety and security instructions during loading and unloading operations, and when entering and exiting trucks, trains and goods from and to the port in order to preserve the safety of life and property. Shaheen also stressed the operations center and protection and rescue units to raise the degree of readiness, be alert and ready to receive any distress signals from ships and equipment in the port, and deal with them promptly. 6/1/2020

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