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June J, 2021 Announcement

Investment opportunities1

Now for a very limited time

An opportunity for young people and big investors

إSeize the opportunity and book your investment unit in the best places outside the customs department in the port of Alexandria. All commercial activities are available. Administrative offices - photocopy shops - restaurants - pharmacies - banks and other various other activities
Get in touch...numbers are limited
For inquiries:
Please call the number 034800100 – Indoor 3077
2- Soon a new investment opportunity in Alexandria Port
Subtracting spaces outside the customs department of Alexandria port
1- The area of Naga Aso, with an area of approximately 17,500 m2
2- The area of the aluminum hamlet is approximately 30,000 m2
This is in a public auction, and the bid details and conditions for applying for it will be announced soon
For more inquiries, contact the Marketing Department at Alexandria Port
Telephone 034800100 Indoor 3077
Please contact us to register in the customer registry to notify you of all that is new