50 containers exit by rail from Alexandria port to Damietta

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December J, 2020 Local News/Port News

50 containers exit by rail from Alexandria port to Damietta

Within the framework of the Ministry of Transport’s plan to maximize the role of transporting containerized cargoes by railways from Egyptian ports to industrial zones, Captain \ Tarek Shaheen, Chairman of Alexandria Port Authority, said that: within the past twenty-four hours, two trains carrying 50 containers of 40 feet had left Alexandria Port. Heading to Damietta. Shaheen added that the port continues to provide all facilities to attract more companies working in this field to transport containers to and from Upper Egypt, the rest of the republic via the railway, indicating that Lieutenant General the Minister of Transport, has placed among the priorities of the Ministry of Transport's work plan the necessity of maximizing the transport of cargoes through Railways to reduce road load and reduce overcrowding. Shaheen explained that transporting cargoes by railroad helps reduce the burden on roads that cost exorbitant sums to maintain due to the heavy traffic of heavy cargoes transport vehicles, as well as contribute to reducing the cost of transportation and saving fuel, in addition to the cargoes environmental impact that results from reducing the volume of pollutants.